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"On a secluded island in Oceania, a scientist set up shop to begin genetic testing on the island's resident creatures. His main goal was the militarization of jungle creatures through enlargement and modification of traits that would be beneficial for combat. It was not until 10 years later that this scientist's lab was found, but by then the forest had reclaimed it. All his research was lost and all the GM creatures were dead. But what caused this scientist's operation to fail so miserably? Well, the answer lies with this simple monkey and the day he got fed up with what his island had become. With redemption in his heart, he became steely-eyed and brought out his fists for the fight ahead."

In Monkey Mania, you play as a monkey who wants to rid his island of mutant abominations. You may not be that strong at first, but you will get stronger as you progress through the island. Completing the main levels will unlock a survival mode (where you take on as many mutants as you can) and a free roam mode where you get to roam the island exploring as you please. And who knows maybe you might unlock a new character or two?

Latest Blog

Main Theme?

Recently, I made a little song and morphed into what I thought could be the main theme of Monkey Mania, a song to be played during the title screens and credits. If anyone would like to give feedback on whether or not it should be improved, I am open to it. Here is the song:
Monkey Mania (Main Theme)

In other news, I am ironing out levels for the contest version of this game that will feature the first 3 levels (maybe more) set to be finished on August 21st. I am also working on programming a medal system, where you get a medal based on how quickly you finished the level. Gold medals on all levels will result in the ability to play as the game's main nemesis, the evil scientist.


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