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10 Minute Hero is a short "10" minute interactive Adventure/Puzzle game, filled with lots of secrets and puzzles. You have to defeat the great evil in 10 minute. Can you beat the great evil before the time ran out or be killed by the fangs of a random vampire? (No, that vampire isn't the great evil we are talking about.)

A vampire has woken up from his deep sleep. He's the chosen one, at least the narrator says so. Our vampire is son of Dracoola, he had to stop the great evil... In 10 minutes. But who is this great evil?

"For the great Transylvania, who cares that imposter tries to be the great evil? There can be only one evil, it's my father... Dracoola. I'm going to show how to be a true evil's seed!"

*Super dark parallax mapping, 2spooky.
*Awesome as hell lighting effects, you'll see what I mean.
*Secret endings, because one ending is never enough.
*There are no saving or loading , only your time judges your performance.
*50 Minutes of soundtrack by "Buckethead", each time you play a different music plays.

Latest Blog

Some life improving updates

*Players can choose Vanilla and Light color at start~
*Players can skip the intro, this was also a suggestion~
*Menu, select and cancel sound effects replaced with better alternatives.
*A new secret map added, sadly just one stage available~
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Just played this gem,loved the lighting ,the font style ,the theme,the effects,so in love with this demo,when will the complete game come out.Waiting anxiously!!!

*stares at computer screen anxiously waiting for a complete game download link.
Hopefully in 2 months. But I can't really say when will this project finish. Thank you so much for the positive feedback! Not so many people love adventure type of games ^.^
I love adventure games and your game concepts are fun plus the stories,best of luck for this project
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
I played throuigh this demo and I gotta say, I really enjoyed it. There's a lot of potential here. Here's my play-by-play of the demo so far:

+ Groovy music, man. Real groovy.
- Inventory menu should be bound to "Esc" instead of "A".
~ I called him "Pooper".
- Since you're under time pressure, you don't really wanna read everything.
+ Seems like the developer's first language isn't English. Nevertheless, they're a good writer. Flavourful and humorous.
+ The game is really cute and it's got a real nice atmosphere.
~ Some random math notes have appeared in Dracoola's son's mansion.
+ Neat parallaxed maps and lighting. You get clues that you can use for your next playthrough.
~ In a game like this where you're expected to repeat playthroughs, I really expected a bit more being useful over several playthroughs. Like a secret room you only know the place of if you have a certain clue, and have to backtrack over the next game to get to the new area. I think "Gone Home" did that and I thought it was really clever.
+ The lighting is not so strong as to make you not able to see the map. You can still see the difference between floors and walls very clearly.
~ There's some weird and wonky maps, especially the one with the struts. It feels like it defies the perspective of the art. However I kind of liked it, and yet it's kind of disorienting at the same time.
+ It's a traditional item interaction game. But it's quite slickly done.
+ Comedic dialogue is unassuming yet nice.
+ The number+switch puzzle is actually really nice, logical and has a good flow. The nature of the puzzle means you don't have to find all the clues to get it right, which is a good thing because you can solve it even if you don't interact with every single thing.
~ It would be cool if when you chose something from your inventory, it would describe it and give a hint as to how it might be used.

Subbed. :)

* Just tried bounding to "Esc/X" button, it worked better than expected!
* Since you need to mostly check for the clues, taking notes and combined with multiple playthrough, I hope it won't cause any trouble ;_;
* It's very obvious that my first language isn't English, right?
* I'm going to add secrets for leading players to the different areas that you never visited before, the "Plague Ring" also a part of it, only people with the all clues can get there ^.^
* Yay! I did the item description as you suggested, took me an hour to figure out~
* Also saw your feedback on the other thread and made a sound effect for solving the puzzle.

Thank you again, CashmereCat :3
Hello RMN, Some bad stuff happened this month. First, I blew up my power supply, and my second power supply not working either. HDD is fine tho but i need some cash for new power supply... Also need to pay my internet bills. Man, this month is so depressive. Well, I can't work on this project with no computer and net connection, let's hope I can get to business on the next few months. Cya everyone! Wish me luck to this poor person :(
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Good luck :)
i just tried this and it's amazing and so pretty and i love it :3
Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it! By looking at my old comments it's been 4 years and I'm still nowhere near to finish this project... Ahh ;_;
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