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Bowser has destroyed one of E Gadd's precious machines and scattered the pieces across the land. It is up to Sblack, master of ego and orange and black Luigi clone, to retrieve the pieces and defeat Bowser.

The game focuses on the physics of Luigi and is made accordingly. It features several unique themes and bosses and progressively gets harder. The game runs on its own, since it has custom graphics, so start the game from the icon included in the .zip folder.

The game is currently in development, and will have playable demos after each world is completed (World 1 is currently finished):

Grass World (Completed, but subject to change)
Lost Desert (0%)
Icy Land (0%)
Bowser Jr.’s Playground (0%)
Labyrinth Land (0%)
Factory Zone (0%)
Final Frontier (0%)
Memory Lane (0%)
Star World (0%)

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Just beat Grass World. Not bad. Pretty basic stuff, nothing over the top but overall solid design. The graphic inconsistency is kind of a turn off, but not a big deal. Stuff like double resolution graphics, mix and match tiles(like all normal looking tiles, but then funky looking pipes). When you have a lot of text to show, it's best to cut it up into segments using events. Instead of a text block 15 lines long. The Megaman stuff seems out of place, but whatever.

I recorded my playthrough and submitted it as media, it's pending atm. It was fun to run through the levels.
Thanks, I appreciate the feedback and I'll definitely keep the constructive criticism in mind while making further levels.
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