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Winds of Ascension is a fisheye-narrative RPG inspired by the storytelling achievements of famous RPG developers, namely BioWare.

The story centers around Ascentia, a young huntress' daughter who sets out into the world to make a name for herself. Getting a job as an enforcer for an empire-wide brothel takes her to the Imperial Capital, where there is a heated conflict by the Ravians. A fanatical group of paranoid monks and mercenaries who fear the Empire's way of life.

They are also in conflict with Lord Banidian, a powerful sorcerer and warrior who seeks to destroy the Ravians, no matter who get's caught in the crossfire.

Latest Blog

Winds of Ascension back in development, Undergoing Class Overhaul

Getting a new job has certainly raised my spirits, so I’m going to be working on Winds of Ascension again. The first new update planned is going to be a full class overhaul, drawing much inspiration (and ripped graphics :P) from World of Warcraft.

Adding things such as cooldowns on particularly powerful abilities to add more difficulty and complexity to the gameplay without the need to simply up all the numbers. Here is a screenshot of the Warrior class in battle. You can see two abilities on cooldown already.

Now to those who think I’m just copying the classes and iconset from WoW… you’d be right. But I think it’s a cloning that will improve the combat system from what it currently is.
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  • 07/25/2013 12:47 PM
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We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
well playing for 10-15 minutes and finding as many crashes and errors as i did
on top of the max party members and skills being above what i personally care for.
i think ill pass

-Events retrigger if you talk to them again (mother and inn keeper)
-Game crashes when entering building with hammer sign and inn in 1st town.
-some item in inventory was not visable(thing old guy wanted from house or supplies)
-game crashes if use reset
-pub barter has a female sprite and a male avatar.
-mother is on world map when you leave home and she should be
-text goes off screen

defiantly should play thru a game you make b4 sharing. this was just terrible
unmissable problems

so i don't seem cruel. the game in this case has potential. maybe a good amount of it. female lead and those choices would of been my selling point.
would give it another go in the distant future when things are addressed.
tried downloading this & ended up w all sorts of malware What the hell did u use for ur 3rd party download
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