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*An enhanced and expanded version of TDL Episode 1 that was released some months later, including additional areas, spells, cheats, music and minigames.*
2000 years from the present day, historians try and discover the past.
Why had the Universe been all but destroyed? Every planet and living thing aside a select few has gone.
The night sky is black and empty.
When a freak accident causes a historian to travel back in time 2000 years, strange things begin to occur. Out-of-place mix-ups that should not have been, take form. Did this accident alter history? Can anyone alter the end result or is it pre-determined by Fate?

Episode I - Asgard
When historian Omochao accidentally gets sent back in time, everything in recorded history goes nuts.
Megaman.EXE enters the Real World, only to help Princess Zelda search for a lost frog. When Leon joins the hunt, it gets difficult, as MM.E's Internet associations begin to annoy and bewilder his new friends.
Eventually, the trio meets Tommy Vercetti, and through him a drunken Black Mage named Waltz.
The search for the Frog gets lost. Leon wants to help Tommy Vercetti for some reason, and Megaman.EXE is trying to find out what day it is. Helping Tommy Vercetti pays off, as the crew finally finds the Frog that Princess Zelda was seeking. But at what price?
This is the introduction to the Take Down Legacy series.

Latest Blog

Take Down Legacy - A Distant Memory

New download! It's the same old game, new shiny download url! (and this one works!)

The Take Down series is something from my younger years. The dawn of my creative outlets. As I move forward in my life, and away from this 'universe', I find myself fawning over the past as if it were a dead pet...

This is the second game in the series, the first of which was destroyed by a bug. Only the Remix of Episode 1 remains. The original had smaller maps, no mini-games, no side quests, less enemies (not that it matters!), and entirely midi music (is that a bad thing? :thonkemoji: ).

Hopefully, this relic of my past stands up. It is a comedy game. I suggest renaming "Megaman.EXE" to "GODMODE" when you get the chance. It'll make the game a breeze! Who needs 'challenge'? (If it's you, then look elsewhere. Only a few battles have any merit and I guarantee they were mistakes.)

Anyway, there is a new download link available. Looking forward to your hate mail and scornful posts.

Yours Forever-and-Always,
  • Completed
  • Dudesoft
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • RPG
  • 05/19/2008 03:38 AM
  • 05/15/2022 07:22 PM
  • 05/19/2008
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Man, why don't any of these good games ever get any noteriety, while crappy games like Liberta and Anime Legend get so many reviews and comments?
The game is halirious, and I find it unfair that your game should have to wallow in darkness while other boring pretensious *super serious* games get acolades rained upon them by the tractor full.
Anyway, just giving you the comment you derserve, and PLEASE keep up the good work.
Otherwise this site might overflow with crap.
Take Down Legacy Ep1 ~ Remix REUPLOADED

Since this one's 300+ MB, I had to divide it into 3 parts.
Also because it has so many mp3's, I figured I better password protect it.

PASSWORD For all 3 rar files:

Game Files + Some mp3's = http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UEUJ0LWF
More mp3's = http://www.megaupload.com/?d=031CX4SW
Rest of the mp3's = http://www.megaupload.com/?d=83BS7JUS

INSTRUCTIONS: Download and extract all 3 rar files. Then move all the mp3's into the Music folder.
Hey. Since megaupload is dead as a doorknob did you have plans to reupload this on the site or anywhere else?
Does this game still exist anywhere? I really want to play it again
Does this game still exist anywhere? I really want to play it again
yes hold on i'll grab it.

EDIT: Yeah, here it is
Take Down Legacy Ep1 ~ Remix

EDIT2: Let me know if works Yeaster, it's been awhile since I looked at it, but I remember this one in particular was hard to put together, because of all the mp3s.
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
I should host it on my site. I think I still have a copy somewhere.
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