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  • Dudesoft
  • 05/19/2008 02:30 PM
No-Spoiler Walkthrough...
This will guide you from Point A to Point B. That is ALL.

Arrow Keys - move character, and scroll between options.

Enter/Return button, Space bar, and a few other hot keys - \"Action\" Button.
(Talk to people, find items, open the menu, and select options in battle or out of it.)

ESC, X, Insert and a few other hot keys - \"Cancel\" Button.
(Leave the menu, cancel out of any options, cancel your selections in battle, etc.)


Some folks wanted a Walkthrough, others decided they\'d be fine without one.
Either way, here it is. I will not tell you where all the many, many, secrets
are located, nor how to get them. You\'ll have to adventure while using this
guide, or before entering the Midgar Reactor area.

Start up...

You get to NAME A CHARACTER. This is strange in this program, since someone
tampered with it, before I got my hands on it. Therefore, you\'ll find that
every space meant originally for 1 letter, now holds 2. This often makes
the text slightly jumbled-looking in the game, but you get used to it quickly.

To ERASE CHARACTER NAME, use the Cancel Button. You will notice it erases 2 letters at
a time. This is a side-effect of 2 letters per 1 letter block. If you find there is 1
letter remaining, after you repeatedly hit the Cancel Button, simply select a letter to
go after the remaining letter, and hit Cancel to delete both.

Operate the controls of the top-right Relic. Go inside door.

When you are in control again, read the note on the ground.
After this, talk to Mysterious Man. Talk to Grave. Talk to Mysterious Man again.

Talk to Pink Chao. Talk to Angry Chao. Talk to Christmas Chao. Walk towards door of the
second Relic. Head north, until you reach the top, then head west. Talk to the tall figure.
Enter the flashing circle.

Talk to the ninja in the graveyard. Talk to top-left most person sitting at a table in the
small patio. To each of his conversation options, select the second one. Talk to the person
across the table now. Find the sword in the graveyard, and return to him with it. (not necissary
right now, but necissary for a moment down the road).
If you do not want to return the sword right now, talk to ninja to fight him.

Head north into the forest. Take the first path to the right, and enter the house.
Talk to the light-blue figure to find out about how to get Icecream.
Leave the house and take the path behind the house north. Talk to the small person.
This is the \"Hide-and-Seek\" minigame.
Find the hidden objects. They are all in the general area of where the original hidden objects were.

After you find both objects said to be hidden, return to the little person each time.
Eventually, the person will say there is one object to find. This is found just in front of the house.
Return to little person again, and then return to the light-blue figure inside the house for your Icecream.

Leave the forest by following the main path north until you arrive at some dried old trees. If you have
the person who needs the sword, then attack the trees with the Action Button. If not, return the sword, and
then do as I just told you.

Head right, and then down the long, long ladder. Give the person on the bridge the Icecream. Go into
the \"Warp Point\".
Cross the forest, and go into the small town, just past it. No need entering the mountains just yet.
Go to the bar (the left most house), and talk to the person at the counter, by standing
in front of the counter. If you talk to her behind the counter, another scene will happen. It isn\'t necissary.

Return to Le Monea City. Go into the stairs in the graveyard, and give the drink to the old man.
He will offer you a book to read. Read it at the table.
Head out of the old man\'s place, and go south to where you started.
Continue south to an area called Gummispace Port.
Talk to the man. You are required to have 340 Munnys. If you don\'t have enough, go earn some by
battling, or selling things. O_o;

Use the ship offered, and fly to the next World, which is northbound, FYI.
You may or may not get lost in the next World named \"Le Monea Castle\", also FYI.
Go to the church to the north of town, enter and talk to the Priest.
Leave, and enter the Castle itself, and head north all the way. In the area with the
brown doors and guard, enter the red circle.

You can find the person who you\'re after, by finding \"Mog\'s Bar\" and walking between the trees and the fence on the castle-side of it.
You will need a ladder to get up there, so, head to the Tool Shop to buy one. The Tool Shop is marked with a \"Wrench\" symbol.
If you don\'t know what a Wrench is, look it up in the dictionary, and come on back again. Inside the Tool Shop,
you will find three folks.
From Right - to - Left, they are ...
a person who sells \"Plates\" which are items to alter the textbox.
an actress who now modifies weapons, in specific, gunblades.
and the Tool Shop guy. In this Episode, he doesn\'t sell items.
Talk to him to learn that someone bought his last ladder. Don\'t just take my word for it.
Leave the shop and find the door which has a strange \'kangaroo\'-esque person standing near it.
Enter and talk to the man with Lots of Stuff.
He starts giving you hand-outs.
After each hand-out, you need to get rid of it before he will give you the next. You need to get to his
ladder, so you\'ll need to do this.
Here is a list of items and where to put \'em...

Sofa - Mog\'s Bar
Throw Rugs - Spiderman, and Superman
Grandfather Clock - Claire and Chris Redfield\'s Inn
Greyhound Statue - Chandler
Frog - Quina Quin
Red Chevy - Bomberman
Washing Machine - Ernest P. Worrell
Pinball Machine - Barret Wallace (the same bar you got \'Hard Liquor\') ***See below \"STORY FORK\"***

*Any Items not mentioned are linked to side-quests, and secrets. So figure out what to do with them, if you want to.*

If you so choose, you can end the game now. But you haven\'t finished half of it. So, it\'s up to you.
If you choose to continue on, normally, then ignore the next suggestion.
If you choose to finish the game without beating it, for real, then skip to walkthrough file called \"ENDOFGAME\".

Take the ladder you got to Mog\'s Bar. Outside between a tree and the fence, walk up to set the ladder in place.
Climb it and confront your target.

To keep things easier to follow, I will start using names and places more often.
I did not do this in the first part of the Walkthrough, because I was afraid you might get mad.
Anyhow, we continue now from when you killed Dipsy the Teletubby.

Head back to Tommy Vercetti\'s mission cone to get the next mission.

You are after \"Longarm\". He is a tricky son-of-a-monkey to find.
Speaking of monkey, you\'ll find an out-of-place one in the Donkey Kong house.
Typically, DK is found near Spiderman... Yet now he seems, closer to home. No. It\'s Longarm in disguise.
Talk to him, and pick the first option (As goes for the rest of the Longarm disguises).
Go to the World Wrestling Federation. (The building with the golden fist on).
Talk to the person at the ring-side. It\'s Rowdy Roddy Piper? No. It\'s Longarm again. Keep up, will you?
Next Longarm place is as \"Link\" in Mog\'s Bar.
Next you will find Longarm as a cat in Alf and Jazzy Jeff\'s house. Wouldn\'t Alf want to EAT Longarm? Yeah.
Next he is posing as Quina Quin near the landing pad of your Gummiship.
Finally, Longarm pretends to be a castle guard outside of the Apartments. Meet him, kill him, mission complete.

Check in with Tommy Vercetti again, to gain the next quest.
Tommy\'s Purse must have at least 6001 Munnys before you can give it to Tommy Vercetti\'s guard.
These are not in order. The order in which you do them, is up to you.

1. Go to the small gift-shop, located outside Tommy Vercetti\'s chamber, inside the castle courtyard.
Talk to the old man to obtain \"Safety Deposit Key\" for his safety deposit box.
Go to the in the southern part of the village, and enter the bank (building with dollar symbol on it).
Talk to the girl on the left to gain a bank account. If you already did this, talk to the girl in
the middle to use the Safety Deposit Key. Without your own bank account, the bank won\'t trust you, and
you can\'t use the key.
Decide on an amount to withdraw, and that\'s that. You can pick any amount. Between 1-99.

2. Go to Grover\'s Shoe Shop. This is the store with the garbage can in front of it, and the symbol of a shoe
near the door. Talk to Grover and he will casually toss you 5000 Munnys.

3. Go to Ernest P. Worrell\'s Clothing Store and talk to Ernest. He will give you a package for the item shop
guy on Le Monea City. Fly back to the City with your Gummiship, and talk to the shop owner. Disregard
Tony Danza\'s One Stop Fruit Shop, right now. Talk to the other guy. After you give him the package you\'ll be
1000 Munny\'s richer... in the Tommy\'s Purse at least. Also, you can buy clothing from the item shop guy from
now on. But, who cares, since you can buy the same stuff from Ernest P. Worrell...

After you have gained a minimum of 6001 Munnys, go talk to Tommy Vercetti\'s guard. Mission Complete.

Visit Tommy Vercetti to get the mission \"Cleaning up the Scene\". A simple mission which requires you to do very
little. Head to Bomberman\'s house, and enter the basement. Buy 6 \"C4\"s. You BETTER be able to afford this. The
last mission paid enough. Of course, it is understandable, if you wasted it all on gambling.
OK. Head to Grover\'s Shoe Shop. Below which is a building surrounded by a wall, and wooden gate.
Use the Action Button on the following objects...
The wooden gate.
The wooden crates.
The door.
The wooden crates inside.
The furnace.
The second door.

Walk outside again, and Mission Complete!

Tommy\'s next mission is a bit more taxing to finish.
The reason for this is, that you now have to access Midgar.
While you won\'t need to actually get inside Midgar, you will need to reach it.
Travel to \"Great Gospel\" World, and take the mountain path this time.
After the mountain path, head up, right, and down again until you\'re at a desert.
*NOTE* If you walk into the desert, you will confront \"Midgar Zolom\". This is a deadly foe.
At this point in the game, you won\'t likely be strong enough to fight it. But, you can feel
free to attack this monster as much as you please, because if you die by that monster, you will be
transported outside of the desert, with full health. So try as often as you like.
As an alternative, head into the \"Chocobo Ranch\" (The house near the desert).

Here, you can rest yourself in the house (or just use the savepoint). Now, avoiding the tutorial about
how to access Midgar... Open the gate to the Chocobo fenced area. Talk to any of the Chocobos to obtain \"Chocobo Stink\".
You can now walk freely across the desert.
*NOTE* if you defeat the Midgar Zolom, you will not need this, as the Zolom will be dead.

Head south and walk into the Midgar Gate area. Talk to the man standing there, to hand off Tommy Vercetti\'s Hidden Package.
After you get Mission Complete you have the option of returning to Le Monea Castle. If you intend on finishing the game
with the full story, take this option. If not, skip to the \"ENDOFGAME\" file.

Now, head back to Tommy Vercetti again.
Something\'s up. Grover is up to no good. Go ice him. He\'ll run into a door, so you follow him. Go through the maze,
or rather the \'corridor\' and talk to him. Kill him, and head to Le Monea City.
Kill the itemshop guy. (No, forget about Tony Danza from \"Who\'s the Boss?\"!!!)
Return to Le Monea Castle, and go talk to Mog.
Fight both attackers, win (obviously), and you\'re done.

This is one of those missions that make you go, \"Whew\". Because up \'til now, they\'ve been long missions.
Go talk to Big Bird (a tall yellow bird) and George Castanza (a bald guy with glasses). Both of them live
in houses on the southern end of Le Monea Castle village.

Next mission requires you to return, yet again, to Great Gospel World.
You\'ll go to Midgar, but this time there is a heliplane awaiting your arrival. Talk to the heliplane, and Mission Complete.

Tommy Vercetti\'s final mission during Episode 1 ~ Asgard is to kill Rufus. Before doing this mission, it is a good idea to
buy all the items, armour, and whatnot that you want before leaving Le Monea Castle for the final time.
While you CAN return after this, it\'s just one heck of a walk.
Return for the final time to Midgar. Talk to the Heliplane and fly to the ruined remains of ShinRa Tower.
Talk to Rufus and fight him.

To start this portion off, you need to AT VERY LEAST have obtained the \"Pinball Machine\" from Bob Sagot.
OK, that said, go bring the Pinball Machine to Barret Wallace in Tifa\'s 7th Heaven Tavern on Great Gospel world.
He will be so happy, that he\'ll give you a key to the Chocobo Ranch barn.
Head over to the Chocobo Ranch, and unlock the door by using the Action Button while facing it.
(Sorry to explain that sort of thing, but some people... nevermind.)
Go inside and open the treasure chest to obtain \"Midgar Key\". Now, head to the Midgar City to the south.

In case you did not read the second page of the Tutorial...
The Chocobo Ranch is near the desert.
The desert has a monster that *will* kill you, but after each time he kills you, you are revived.
If you open the gate on the Chocobo fence in the Chocobo Ranch, and then talk to a Chocobo, you will receive
\"Chocobo Stink\" and be free to roam the desert, since the desert monster hates the smell of chocobos.
Ba-da-Bing Ba-da-Boom.

S\'alright. Onward.
To unlock the Midgar Doors, you just use the Action Button the same way you did with he Chocobo Ranch Barn.
Inside is a new \'world map\' so to speak. Take the path to the first town, not that you have a say in the matter, and
cross through to the other side. Head to the broken-looking tower in the back of the map, and enter it.
To open the doors of this area, \"Midgar Reactor\", you need to activate a button. It\'s the only button. So...
***NOTE* This is the absolute LAST chance you have to finish any unfinished minigames, or find any unfound secrets.***
There\'s two of these doors. In the last area, your party members will be standing around. Talk to the machine between
Zelda and Leon. After the scene, and fight, leave the Midgar Reactor, and you\'ll notice the SOLDIER that was standing
in front of the staircase has moved aside. Climb the stairs, and find two men poking around a machine.
The bald guy doesn\'t talk, no matter how often you talk to him. The other guy has red hair and is called Reno.
Talk to Reno to start the scene. Talk to him again after that scene to fight him. And lastly, say goodbye, press the
button that Reno was standing in front of.

(Aren\'t you proud you read this walkthrough? You really achieved something!)
(No, just kidding, this game can be confusing, I\'m sure. That is, if you don\'t talk to everyone...)
(Well, enjoy finding all the secrets, minigames, and et cetra. Because there\'s a lot to be found.)
(There might even be something special if you find two in specific...)