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Looking for some Testers

I've lost a little bit of steam in my game, mostly because this thought keeps popping into my head: I've spent so much time on this game, what if it sucks?

I'm now seeing every flaw in just the first chapter. There's no hooking introduction scene that other games have. It's not clear who the villain is until the end of the chapter, which by then might have left my players confused and directionless. There's story, but maybe too much of it. And do I want to make Chapter 1 longer than it is? Or do I want to get straight to the point?

And when I sit down to fix these issues, I get exhausted. What if this wasn't the right choice? What if I was okay the first time? What if I'm wasting more time?

So, I've decided to simply save my game as is, in a demo alpha-testing kinda way. It is not finished, and there are quite a bit of loose ends, but at least the player can explore, see what the introduction offers, and can give me some insight of what works and what doesn't.

I don't want anyone reviewing and judging my game in its unfinished form. I want to fix it, make it enjoyable, before a real demo release. So therefore, I am asking for volunteers who are willing to test my game - those who know when to let issues slide but also tell me about them so I can fix them. Only those who would actually be interested in helping me out, and not those who just want to point fingers and laugh.

Sorry, haha, I guess I'm a little embarrassed. This is my first RPG and I'm a little self-conscious about it ^_^

Anyway, let me know! You can send me a message or post a comment here, and I'll send you the link. :) Thanks guys!

Edit: I've decided to just go ahead and reveal the link under Downloads, and hope the community doesn't rage and throw rotten tomatoes at my face for its incompleteness. =[ Mostly because I'm going to be away for a few days and don't have time to find testers until I get back, and by then I'd like to have at least a smidgen of direction on how to fix this game.

There have been worse game downloads on this site before, right? Right??

Anyway - just in case you don't read the download's description, here it is again:

Please be constructive with your criticism. I am aware of its weakpoints, but I'm just not sure how and how much to fix.

The story ends at the quest "Rainforest Excursion" but that is also when sidequests open up to explore the Rainforest. You are also free to complete the Water Dungeon, although I have not added any quests for it yet.

Known Bugs:

- The quest updates above the character's head don't entirely work at the moment
- The Plant/Slime quest from the Adventurer does not update past the Lower Rainforest
- The Satiated & Well-Rested states (increased EXP) aren't working
- When you level up in battle, the battlers are from MOG's LevelUp script as placeholders. That will be fixed! =P
- The Mirror of Water's text "Do you want to transport to the Rain Kingdom?" does not show up, but if you spam ENTER, it transports you all the same *shrug*

Other Issues:

- There's some story continuity errors in the school introduction, I'll fix them
- I plan on adding more interactions to objects to keep the clickers happy
- The Crafting screen color has not been changed from the default, I'll get on that eventually =P
- Level 4+ abilities have not been tested - (I plan on adding cooldowns to Lightning Bolt, for example)
- There are no side quests for the Water Dungeon but there will be.
- The credits in the text file are not updated, I'll be sure to write it all out before the real demo release.

My Thoughts:
- I'm asking for a more overall critique rather than little ones meant for polishing. Is the introduction too long and boring? Is the crafting too grindy? Is the Rainforest too small? Is April too Mary-Sue? Is there not enough excitement?

- I want to add an introduction cutscene to introduce players to the main conflict (spoiler: a war), but there's already an introduction in which April gets kidnapped, so I am torn. Do I really want to add more cutscenes?


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I guess I can take a look at it. Story is one of the few things I feel is a strong point for me, so I'll see if I can provide any insight.
I guess I can take a look at it. Story is one of the few things I feel is a strong point for me, so I'll see if I can provide any insight.
That would be great, thank you! :) I went ahead and made the Download link public a bit ago because I didn't think anyone would be interested in volunteering, but I guess you proved me wrong ^__^;
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