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This is how it all began, how everything came to be. Mary is a simple little girl who has lost her parents and is now forced adopted by an old woman who makes her feel worthless. Mary's new mother is old and could care less about her. A stormy night parts Mary and her new mother. After the warnings Melena gives Mary to not leave the house, she does so anyway because of the things now happening inside that house. Objects are moving on their own, and sounds are coming from every room. After Mary's frightening delusions consume her mind, she runs into the storm and also... into the forest. The forest must never be entered, if one enters they are never seen again. Mary's story begins here.

Name: Mary
Age: 13

Mary is the main character of the game. She must face her fears and travel into a world of scares and darkness to find out what's really going on.

Name: Melena
Age: 63

Melena is the adoptive mother of Mary. After Mary's parents died she took her in and raised her for three years now. But she soon disappears and is not heard from again.

-UPDATE- 8/29/13
+ Just finished making the PewDiePie easter egg room.
+ Almost done with the demo and will be released soon!

-UPDATE- 8/31/13
+ Still scripting the inside of the house.
+ Changed the RTP character sprites for taller sprites.
+ Minor adjustments to grammar and other issues.
-UPDATE- 9/11/13
+ Demo v1.0 posted!!
+ Awaiting feedback!

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Thank you so much for the footstep script and the bugs that you found! :D I've been dying to add footsteps but I tried through common events and that lagged the games like crazy XD
Ah, so that was your problem. Always use scripts whenever possible. Events tend to lag.
Yeah it was turning into a real hassle... also I'm currently updating Lamia Nox 1 on Gamejolt if you want to go check that out... I won't be posting to this site anymore because of reasons...
So you're not going to be updating the second one? I was looking forward to playing it :(

I will be putting this game up on Gamejolt and not on here. When the full game of Lamia Nox 2 is out, it will be on Gamejolt. Don't worry, I'm still updating it and I'm going to start working on it again real soon ;D
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