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This game is a basic role playing game. It is my first time using RPG Maker VX Ace and uses the basic functions of that game. The game's story takes inspiration from Arthurian legend. You take control of Prince Arthur and his friends. The story follows the heroes on a rescue mission through Mordred's castle in order to save Princess Guinevere.
You move your party through the castle running into random encounters and fighting enemies in a simple turn-based fashion. Defeating enemies will give you experience to level up your characters and give them access to new abilities. Many enemies will drop weapons and armor which can be equipped to improve your characters. You can save anywhere. There are several hidden characters and optional areas to explore.

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  • wesasim
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
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  • 07/30/2013 12:36 AM
  • 11/06/2023 05:12 PM
  • 07/29/2013
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I love the amount of drop items. Wow everyone starts out with quite an arsenal of spells! Cool beans!
That forest. It really is a maze and almost irritatingly so....plus unless I missed it, there is no heal spot but you run into a LOT of enemies, many which you cannot run from. I am low on all items AND MP. I find the merchant but thats it. Is there not a heal spot...otherwise its certain game over eventually.
I havent played a game so irritating.....the damn maze is not even fun becuase it quickly becomes nothing but a death march....it isnt funny to be so clever with a maze so large and no heal points. I accidentally stumbled into Mordreds castle, lost Merlin and once more, no way to heal. Lots of cool chests which dont seem to really help. Monsters have an unbelievable amount of HP AND MP.
At this point I am empty of potions, bankrupt on mp potions and hp potions and fighting so far the hardest monsters of the game. Luckily most of the time I can escape but for what...its meaningless.
Up til the point where I enjoyed the game.........waaaaaay back at the entrance to the damn forest, it wasnt so bad but as I mentioned earlier the mazr offered nothing but a merchand and a freaking dragon which kicked my ass and then had the nerve to CHASE me.
I know you meant for this to be a challenge but the circumstances mentioned above make it like a hot iron up my butt...not that I know what that feels like.
So I am standing here all prettied up with whizbangs, gizmos and pretty baubles and still no chance of getting any farther into the game and just waiting for another defeat.
Did I mention I actually LIKE this little ball crusher?
Use Lucans Advertisement. See Key Items.
Damn! Youre right....I completely forgot about that item.
But after all the battles, I have less than $600 which doesnt get much, especially since any potions I might buy are used up in the next battle or so. There really should be a save/heal spot simply because the mazes are so wendy-windy you get lost and have to fight so often. Maybe there IS a spot but I havent found one yet.

I am sure I sound like a puss, but the average player and I AM an average player, will more or less agree to the things mentioned above.
I am not so shure what are you doing but if you sell all unuseful weapons and armors you shuld have enough money to stay alive.
Maybe maps of the castle would help also heal points eg beds
How do you get bedivere, sir lucan, and sagramore?
I'm sorry but I didn't make Bedivere, Lucan, and Sagramore as real playable characters. They are only playable in the Future scene.

I have been playing and really enjoying this game. However, I have come to a point where I can go no further. It is my own fault, but I'm hoping if I send you a save file, you can help. I'm in Mordred's Castle, and have defeated all of the elemental bosses and Draupnir. The problem is, when I received the first two elemental orbs, it was not stated what they were to be used for, so I tried using them as weapons - i.e. the water orb against the fire elemental. When nothing happened, I thought nothing of it until I got to the room with the four pedestals. I placed my two remaining orbs on the pedestals, then realized I needed the other two as well - which I no longer had - to place on the other two pedestals in order to pull the switch to open the big door in front of me. The two orbs I need are the water and air orbs. Can you help so I can finish the game? I only have one other save file, and it was right after Merlin died, and I REALLY do not want to start again from there. Thanks.

I guess, I should link to my short video review for this title. I'm to lazy to go back and watch this review myself so I can actually make a marker score submission for this game, but I felt like this might prove useful to people interested in the game that bother to skim through the comment section.
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