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Zodiac Fates (working title) is our first title, a traditional RPG currently in the development stage. In order to get things rolling, we've divided the project into several manageable chapters and are working to finalize and showcase our efforts in an alpha release, which will hopefully be enough to give a taste of what kind of game it will be. Ideally, we'd like to be working on it full-time, and with your support we can make that happen! So please subscribe and follow our progress as we release more of the game!

See our web page for information:

Story: 17 years ago, the stars rained down on the world of Astros, causing untold devastation and chaos. The meteor shower, which would come to be known as ‘Starfall’, forever changed the balance of power on Astros. Faith in the gods quickly waned, and once-proud temples now stand as desolate reminders of a bygone era. Pulled into events beyond their control, two young adults must set out on a journey to rekindle humanity’s fading hope.

Remi (age 17): A naive and optimistic girl, raised in the village of Cantus. Curious to a fault, her inquisitive nature often leads to trouble.

James (age 19): Remi’s cynical and bookish counterpart, he tends to rely only on his mind and his axe to solve problems.

Our Alpha build will be divided into two phases:
1) First Phase: The demo build; a snapshot amounting to about half of the first chapter.
2) Second Phase: Includes the entirety of the first chapter.

Please note that we are currently still in the first phase of development. That is to say that the game is still VERY alpha, and all current graphics, game-play mechanics, dialogue, etc. (read: everything) is subject to change.

This process will be a whole lot easier with feedback from awesome people like yourself!

To sum up... any feedback or interest would be greatly appreciated, and hopefully with your help we can make this into a fantastic full game!

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Hey guys! We briefly mentioned in the past that we were seeking to do a KS announcement sometime during this month, but after further discussion we wanted to be super 150% sure our awesomeness is depicted so we’re going to be delaying it until further notice.

Please visit us on our wordpress for more updates on our progresses we've been making and make sure to download our alpha build here! :)

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How much playtime is this roughly?
Or better yet...at what point in the demo will I know its almost finished?
In the very beginning when the title screen comes up Chapter 1...it is hard to read.
Sometime the dialogue is hidden by the person talking.
When reading letters etc, the words scroll a bit too fast. You might miss something.
The first battle outside of town and the game immediately froze. I tried again and this time I battled and won. Then next I went into the maze and there the first battle crashed the game.
Thanks Roy!
To answer your first question: The demo ends after the save point in the Mountain Passage zone.

Thanks for the feedback! Looking into these issues as a bulk! :)
Played the game and I LOVE it to bits cant wait till the whole game is done.
Keep up the good work and have fun doing it
Played the game and I LOVE it to bits cant wait till the whole game is done.
Keep up the good work and have fun doing it

Wow thank you Athkore! We're are constantly working on it and improving the Alpha_Test_Demo right now, build 2, will fix a lot of the bugs we've encountered!

Thank you again for such encouraging words! :)
Thx for the update, ill try keep up with your updates and ill post any glitches I find in the game
Thx for the update, ill try keep up with your updates and ill post any glitches I find in the game

Thanks Athkore!

For another update; we're going to try to fix the random encounter crash.
We've pinpointed to which script is doing it, but as for the fix, I haven't found a solution yet. I want to make build 2 a non-crashing build, so please stay patient with us!
Ok I played the update and wow the game is looking grate
(especially now that there are no more random crashes)
keep up the good work :D
Thanks Athkore! We're constantly updating it. I'm introducing a new way to gain skills too, so please look forward for that! :) :)
Woooo I'm so glad to hear that Demo_Final build is coming soon! I can hardly wait. Looking forward to it *thumbs up*
Played your latest and greatest....ran smooth. Didnt find anything to mention except it caught me by surprise that as soon as you beat those seals, the demo is over. I wish there was a chance to save it.
What I thought is interesting is how the battles go. Usually the bad guys all get their hits in and then all YOUR bad boys and girls get to get theirs in. You have it alternating. Your side gets one hit then the other side immediately gets maybe several before your other member gets a chance. I imagine that can be very tricky in later levels against stronger foes.
Hey Roy, thanks for the feedback! We're still working on balance, and battles haven't gotten as much focus as they deserve yet. Our main focus right now is smooth gameplay, so hearing that things progress well is a big help!

We'll be taking a look at the balance as we finish more of Chapter 1, so keep an eye out for changes to those systems in future!
The font used in the intro sequence is not easy to read for me, the letters run together a bit. While I liked the art, the text was a bit of an info dump, hope I don't get a test on it!

I like the large character pictures instead of just a head in dialogue.
There are some unexpectedly impassable tiles and tile events with no image but blocking the player. (same as player vs below player priority).
For the railings to left/right of the altar, you may want to fix the passability in the tileset to allow players to enter the tile from 3 directions. (this is an RTP issue)
Lots of treasure to be found interacting with the environment. :)
I like the popup icons when you loot something.
"molded" should be "mouldy"?

Some humour to be found. (James 2.0. Greg's battle guide!!)
Movable light source is nice. But I still couldn't read the papers while carrying it.
is the basic equipment missable?
Greg's house is climbable beside the well.

Nice arrow attack arc animation, could be smoother though.
Persistent poison is annoying when you only have initial funds for one antidote - need to backtrack or escape from fights with spiders.
I may have missed a skill tome, but James only has basic attack and provoke, which isn't very interesting.
Hey Coelocanth, first off, thanks a ton for the info!

We've addressed a couple of these issues already and I've fixed up some of the passability issues you mentioned in the church.

The basic equipment is not missable, you're actually prevented from leaving the area until you've acquired it :). There are a couple of places we've noticed (that part of Greg's house being one of them) where the passability needs to be tweaked, those should be fixed up in the next update.

There are a few things we're still sorting out (battle is an area we haven't put as much time into as we'd like), so your feedback is greatly appreciated!

We'll be rolling out an update with fixes for these issues and a couple of others soon, hopefully with some additional content - thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm!

This game seems to have a very interesting story and i love the design of it. Cant wait for the full version of this game to come out. I would greatly enjoy making a lets play of this once done and of course with your permission.
Hey Sleepy, I'm glad that you're enjoying the game so far!

We're slowly but surely working towards a full release, and would love to see a let's play once we reach that stage!

Thanks for your patience and enthusiasm as Zodiac Fates gets off the ground!

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