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Alpha Bugs and Progress update

Hi everyone!
These are the issues that were found and now should be resolved in the coming build:
-random encounter crashes

-couple collision issues
>Nana's house table
>Corner of one of the mountain passage

-dialogue sequence being covered by bust images
>Reverend Thomas event
>James in the church shed

-enemy balancing
>bats no longer blind
>bats and slimes now have a chance of dropping potions
>new mob added for equipment obtainment
>Mountain Seals have a lower max HP

We're constantly working hard on trying to make the next build be more of a beta, than just a alpha 2 so we'll be adding a lot more graphics (such as a legend to help you figure out the controls etc.)

Estimated time for the next build should be this week sometime! (Hopefully!)
Stay tuned! :)