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Alright guys, so things are starting to roll and being set in stone! STONE FREE~! (don't ask)

We are planning our next phase for the Beta for Chapter 1!

The demo you've guys hopefully played already only goes up to the mountain pass and to the Mountain Seals; the next chapter 1 beta will be covering that and actually going to the temple of Sagittarius! We want to see what people think of our character models and the changes we made since our demo build.

Here are some of the highlight changes:

>Bestiary (Enemy art and stats included as you encounter them.)
>Free turn battle (Actions will immediately occur as you choose what to do in battle)
>New Enemies to encounter
>New cutscenes showing some other characters!
>New areas to explore!

The planned date for our beta version will be coming by the end of September, 2013!