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Demo Update!

Hi everyone!
With the suggestions we've been receiving we've been working really hard on fixing the issues and balancing some stuff in the our project.

Happily allowing me to say that next might be our final build for the demo phase! (yaay clap clap)

As you may know, we're also working on the full Chapter one as well all the while we fix the major issues we've seen in the demo. I'm hoping soon we can announce our date that we'll have for you guys to play the full Chapter 1 soon.

Until then please keep checking up on us here and/or at our website!

Demo_Final build coming soon!
(hopefully sometime during this week...? maybe? :( )

Progress Report

Alpha Build 2!

Hi everyone!
So the Alpha demo build 2 is now available for download!
The issues fixed are on the previous blog post and some neat graphic updates!

Max level is still lvl 25.
Difficulty to clear the demo is now reduced.
AND (already stated in the previous blog post)

Ok good luck and have fun!

Progress Report

Alpha Bugs and Progress update

Hi everyone!
These are the issues that were found and now should be resolved in the coming build:
-random encounter crashes

-couple collision issues
>Nana's house table
>Corner of one of the mountain passage

-dialogue sequence being covered by bust images
>Reverend Thomas event
>James in the church shed

-enemy balancing
>bats no longer blind
>bats and slimes now have a chance of dropping potions
>new mob added for equipment obtainment
>Mountain Seals have a lower max HP

We're constantly working hard on trying to make the next build be more of a beta, than just a alpha 2 so we'll be adding a lot more graphics (such as a legend to help you figure out the controls etc.)

Estimated time for the next build should be this week sometime! (Hopefully!)
Stay tuned! :)
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