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DOWNLOAD FULL VERSION, ENG. works now :-) enjoy

changes in Version 1.02
- This version is up!

New adjustments v 1.02: - based on feedback
- Hero starts with more Energy and Pow and a Potion
- Pow regeneraters a lot faster now
- The First boss performs static attack (Purple blast) only once
- Some of water snakes were removed
- Shade NPC trader now sells Healing Potions (20g each)
- The First Gobie in game now explains that you can use potion with a shift key
- New dexterity power up added to the second floor
- Healing potions can now be found in the tower in limited amount
- Exp and gold amount of some mobs adjusted

I tried to find solution for attack animation during story events,
because attack system is parallel process I could not fix it. Because
it activates at same time as story lock. Because of this attack animation
is performed once at start of message.

A game inspired by Falcom. Drags you right into the action!

Created in 2012 and originally in Czech only, I decided to translate it to English as well. I am not good at grammar and the stuff, but I did my best for the translation. I hope you will enjoy the game !

It is hard and challenging game. No worries, people already beated it!
But if you beat it too - Let me know for sure! :o)

Feel free to post any comment, if you like to. Runs without RTP.

Special thanks: Skie, Saran

For the title, I used image which I found via Google search. I can't remember the source I can't track the image again. If any ideas what kind of picture is it - I would appreciate it, on the other hand I would contact artist!

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You should upload the game here, not on a file sharing web site.
Yeah, add the download here and I'd play. I'm not clicking any more Mediafire links.
I certainly will add! Due this reason I removed 3rd site's download link.
I couldn't do it while game was pending. Check a bit later, please.

*edit: it's on.
I played till the second boss fight in my first sitting. It was fun enough to keep me hooked until the difficulty peak became very steep (on both boss fights).

I've found a few minor bugs and there are some things I would change in the game if I were the designer... Are you looking for feedback to help you improve the game or is this version final?
This is final version. I released game in this state 3/4 year ago. Difficulty is set hard but people managed to beat it.

However if there are bugs and other annoying things I could improve it a little and re-release it, I don't plan to adjust bosses now (even it's hardcore, I know).

Sure send feedback! :-)
Here are the bugs I found:

-When a dialog begins, I can attack once while the text scrolls. You could fix this by disabling the attack input with a switch whenever a dialog starts.

-A variant of the same bug: When I end a dialog or the quick save by pressing any key, the animation runs, be it the attack one or the menu one. It may waste one Power unit when a boss fight starts.

-The attack animation (the blue light arc) never shows on the first attack I perform after I buy an upgrade from the robed man. I'm not sure how you could fix this bug though.

My other concerns were more about improving the fairness of the battle system and spicing it up. The difficulty is fine save for a few instances:

-The first boss will perform a specific attack twice, some kind of purple blast that comes in from the right edge of the screen. This attack seems impossible to avoid, which I think is unfair to the player.

-The second boss fight drags on forever because of her high HP. After a while the battle feels more like a chore than a challenge. If it were me I'd either reduce her HP by 20% to 40% or increase the player's attack speed. The latter option would probably require a faster Power Regeneration rate to balance things up.

-The second boss seems to go into a "stagger mode" at random. It is unclear whether the player has some control over when the stagger happens or not. Being able to cause it would be more interesting.

-The 3 beatable monster types I encountered so far all have the same behavior: moving towards the hero. This is rather boring and it does not prepare the player for the more skill- and strategy-based boss battles that follow.

-I don't know if this is the case throughout the whole game, but the player only has one type of attack to perform. This gets boring too after a while and allows for very limited battle strategies: hit-and-run is pretty much all there is to do.

-It is unclear whether the player can perform critical hits or if this is another bug: sometimes one attack will lend two hits on the same enemy.

I'd understand if you'd rather not dive back into this game's coding to make changes, but in any case the above advice might help you on future projects.
Thanks for feedback! I do not plan adjustments for the things, but I will reply why.

About enemies:
Normal mobs in game do not have skills and hero has got only sword attack, because Crimson Memories is very short and challenging game! Actually you managed to complete around 50% of the game. Because of this I did not plan to make challenging enemies. Enemies are meant to be easy to kill - easy source of Exp and Gold.

Bosses - Yes they re indeed very hard, because that is the main filling of the game. Boss's pattern is pre-scripted tho. They behave same every fight. That means they re not mashing skills randomly and player can learn the boss's pattern after several tries and can predict the next move. Besides Leveling up is unlimited and Level doesn't have a cap.

I hope this demostrated the game's structure. And by the way, the things are starting to be really hard after 2nd boss! :-)

- Attack during story messages is possible sometimes, at the start usually.
It's known matter which I didn't find as critical bug. So I didn't take meassure against it I had a lot of work with the rest of the project, bosses. However I avoided this thing to happen in my another project!

-Indeed after save menu you attack once, but pow regenerates. I didn't think it's a big deal. You can collect power ups to increase speed of POW regeneration. Power ups can be found usually behind the closed doors. You can also gain POW by leveling up or upgrade at NPC guy.

-Missing animation after NPC upgrade is a minor bug and I no one ever mentioned it. I won't look into code why is that happening. I think everyone can pardon this. :o)

-Two hit attack is very nice bonus bug! Enjoy this one, I actually like it myself. :))
Fair enough.
Good luck on your next project!
This is my first time play through. I was playing on a tv via HDMI cable and didn't realize that sound wasn't recording :/ I recorded several hours of footage between about 6 games and it's all a waste. Fuck! But here you can see how a person handles things fresh.

I wanted to record vids to add as media, so I will be recording again with sound and adding as media.

Avee mentioned some problems I had. It's boring as ...well, let's just say it's boring. The POW meter is a pointless feature, only serving to make me run away even more as I'm fighting. It was very annoying. Only a single attack against mindless enemies. This game was just all around boring.

The boss fight against the 2 guys is needlessly long because he can heal just as fast as I can deal damage(thanks POW meter). When I attack I can move backwards, but when the attack animation is over my character will face away from the enemy. So I need to turn around to attack again. It led to a very awkward and joyless fight. Running in circles for many minutes, doing the same thing over and over and over.

The graphics were ok, no complaints, but nothing wow'd me. The map layouts weren't the best.

There are way too many fucking water snakes. Like...what were you thinking? That doesn't make the game "hardcore", it's makes it unfair. A dozen snakes that you can't attack in tightly winding paths is not cool. Nothing about the balance of the game is hardcore, it's just unbalanced. It sounds like you knew there were problems, but decided not to fix them and slap on the hardcore label.

After that boss fight I was able to save, then there is a long stretch of difficult areas to make it through without a save. I tried several times, as you can see in the video, but I kept dying and had to go back to that last save. I eventually got fed up with it and quit. I didn't feel like the game would get any better. The fact that enemies keep respawning every time you leave the room is lame too.

It's cool that you made an ABS in 2k3, but I would actually suggest that people avoid playing this game. It's not fun and quite flawed. And extremely basic. It's good if you learned some things for your next game, but this one is bad.
Thank you for feedback! Seems game is really hard for everyone to play and you're the second with this feedback.

I will adjust difficulty and I will add some extra featerues and power ups.

Animation is static while movement is free, that means you can move off it. But it's a core system.

Let me add Extra features, remove snakes, add more power ups, health regen and try it again. Let me know what you will think about it! Much appreciated. I will add those features in v 1.02 and upload the version today.
Glad to hear you will make some changes. I would gladly play again.

None of the mentioned bugs caused any problems, so I would agree that you don't need to worry about that.

Health regen might make it too easy. I'd go with potion items or a heal spell.

Maybe you could add chests with healing, gold, or other items you add in. By the time I reached the "shop" I had 8 gold and his lowest thing was like 20 or 30.

Try to do something about making enemies stay dead, at least when I go one room over and come back.

What about getting rid of a hard game over where it returns to the title screen. You can still have a game over screen, but it just returns you to a checkpoint/last save. You would keep your XP and any progress on the level, like hitting switches. Anything that would prevent that feeling of losing all that progress and doing the same parts over and over. That's the main reason I quit. If I kept my stuff, I would have the drive to keep going and eventually I would be strong enough to get past the part that was causing trouble. That would make the overall balance a little more difficult, but as it stands with respawning enemies I could grind endlessly if I wanted to anyways. Although, I must admit, just reducing the number of snakes would be enough to prevent my quitting.

Some moves would be nice, something that consumes more POW but deals major damage. A heal spell? Projectiles? Maybe something that can paralyze an enemy, making them stop moving.

Do you think you could try and add a Lock Facing somewhere, or try and find a way to keep the hero facing the direction he swings. If I'm facing up, and I press attack, and while I'm attacking I press down, the hero appears to facing up during his attack, and even if I already let go of down, when the attack animation finishes the hero is facing down. So I would have to press up and move 1 space in order to attack in the same direction again, unless I do this. Attack, down, up. It works, but man is it ever hard to do consistently and it's a little annoying. Not a big deal but considering that most of the fighting consists of you attacking and moving away from the enemy, that would be a big help.

Try different patterns in the enemies, instead of a constant move towards hero. I have a pretty robust ABS in 2k3 myself, my Zelda game, and I'd be happy to brainstorm and share my own ideas. I created a simple to use system that can make things much more interesting. Enemies react in various ways to being hit and can change tactics with the simple change of a variable.
This is really short game, it has 4 floors. Which means you completed near 50%.
Because of this I do not really plan to implent any more features but I will try to adjust major things based on feedbacks.
Please check planned changes for version 1.02! I edited game's profile.

edit : v 1.02 is up now, so you can try it.
If it's only 4 floors, all the more reason to add a few things. It wouldn't take long to do. Doesn't have to be everything I said, just the simple stuff. Trust me, it would go a long way. But I'll wait and see what you do in the next version before saying anything further.
This post has been hidden by the game developer. Click here to show the post anyway.
The new changes do make the game more enjoyable.

Malvina's diagonal-moving spikes stayed in the room after she died. They could damage me even after the battle was over until I exit the room.

The third floor music's volume is a little too low compared to the others.

The third boss's attack patterns are easier to learn and dodge than the second boss's. It should normally be the opposite: bosses should become harder as the game progresses.

Same problem on floor 4: the very first teleporting crystals room is the most difficult to pass and the last one is the easiest.

The third floor is the most enjoyable for me because of the traps. It's a nice change from the earlier floors packed with only monsters.

I couldn't defeat the second form of the final boss. I had to use all my potions in the first fight because of the huge fire pillars that appear in random locations. The second form's lightning spheres also appear without notice. These attacks don't give the player any chance to dodge them, therefore they are unfair. Showing the area where they will appear for a short while before allowing them to damage me would be better.
Think of how Gelaldy's lightning bolts first show us where they will lend in Ys Origin.

When facing left or right, enemy sprites' feet are not aligned with the player's feet, making it difficult to know whether the enemy can hit me or not. I was surprised and got hit a few times because of this.

The Ys Origin music tracks are too recognizable (at least for me). They distracted me from the game. Same for that Castlevania OoE track in the shop. The other tracks were okay.

EDIT: By the way, as Link said, play his games and my game for inspiration and tips. He and I are quite handy at making 2k3 ABS.
pillars: they have same location and order. There are blind spots. Indeed some hint might be nice for such massive attack. I don't plan changes in coding for this one.

hint: lighting sphere appears once up and then down. you can avoid that by going down and up on the second. She uses this twice. Don't waste potions on the first phase.

Imagine that people beated this without the potions. o_o

I had created more ABS' in the past. This is one for example.


*I edited post to show the vids
I may be mistaken, but I think your title screen image may be related to Growlanser 4: Wayfarer of Time. It looks a lot like the female angel antagonist from that game.
Downloaded the game, and I have to say, it's amazing. I love playing it. It's nice to play a difficult game every once in a while. I'll be watching for more!

BTW, where'd you get the music? It's awesome!
BTW, where'd you get the music? It's awesome!

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