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Hello internet. So... I don't know. Um. I'm finally liberating some obscure secrets for the game.

Here are some cheatcodes for Panzer.

MONEYBAGS - Gives you 5000$ as starting money.
GIVMEWANZER - Gives you an overpowered starting panzer.

...And that's it. Codes for making a short game into a really short game.



The angrish release is now in sale! I mean, out!

(You pay me with you interest, thanks -?-).

So, there it is! Thank by you interest, I hope that you enjoy.
*Snivel* I hope my english is not THAT bad. I did my best, but you know, sometimes it's just... syntax problems, and that's the hardest asdasdasdasdas blablablah.
So, what's new on this release? Absolutely... something. There's an actual secret, but it's NOT fair or anything, so I'll leave it to fade into obscurity.

The other things are some very small rebalancing and error fixes. Heh.

But mainly the purpose of this was english translation, I hope you like it (and understand my gibberish).


PD.: By the way, this game is completely free. Yeah, like air. But it's heavy as metal!


Just to clarify some things...

Well, since I don't want to make people to get false hopes, like, what would they get from this game, here's some clarifications... or something like that. Some details about how the game is.
It's because this is not a regular RPG game. It's more of an experimental kind of game, where I synthetized the aspects I like the best to make from RPGs. And those are, by the way, customization and battles. And a little of story, but that's also very much to my liking heh...

-First of all, there are no scenarios. Yeah, There are places where characters do interact, but all of it is scripted as a theater play. I'm still thinking about making "stages", very much like a real play, but at the end, didn't decided to do so, because I got concerned if I would get FrontMission's style or not. So, for the time restraint, I left it with black backgrounds. I'll get into that issue later, that would be the last thing I would do with this game. Just to live without regrets (?).

-Second of all, there's NO exploration, there's no argumental decisions to make, and so I consider that it doesn't has real roleplay. There's just two decisions you can make. You can get the end battle as the real ending, or the real ending after the extras as it. And the second thing is mostly to not play one of the extras lol. So, in either way, it's about skipping parts of the game lol!. No real decisions to make.
The issue with the second/real ending is that it's not a satisfactory ending, so a lot of people would NOT like it at all. If you don't like it, please feel more that the extras are more of a hollow challenge like FF8's Omega/Ultima Weapon, and a little, experimental gift from me to you included.

-Last of it, it could need some time to get how the customization works. Not much because of complexity, but because of freedom. You can do whatever you want, and so it could be aimless. I did my best at including some "help bullets" at the workshop, that you can toggle with Shift.

And that's it. It's a little of an experiment. So I hope you have patience with it, and enjoy it as much as I did when making it. Or something like that xD.

Orochii Zouveleki


Panzer SPA

I just added the Spanish release, just to have it here... or something like that. I'll be working on a new version, with some stuff added/fixed/changed/stuff, so the translation will be after that new version. So, that's it... I hope you like it when it is done heheh...heh...

I'll do my best, as always,
Orochii Zouveleki
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