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Pew Pew Platypus

You may think you're cool, but you'll never be 'Starship-Commanding Platypus' cool.

Solar Platypus is a simple game reminiscent of the old arcade games (whose golden ages apparently precede my birth). The game starts off deceivingly easy, introducing you to the game's main objective: Collect shiny stuff, Avoid flying purple stuff. And with no more than a few moments, the game will pile on you, bury you neck-deep into the ground, and set your hair ablaze; all with flashy colours and an 8-bit soundtrack playing continuously in the background.

Gameplay: 4.5/5
Being modeled after an arcade game, this has to be the main focus. As I've stated, the game's hardness increases quite a lot with each level the player clears. Despite this, the game is quite enjoyable. It's the type of game where your main drive is to get the highest possible score after your playthrough, and each level is designed well enough to make sure you would *love* to keep playing. The reason I gave Gameplay a 4.5 is that the controls sometimes fail you, and the ship may fly a tile too far than intended.

Aesthetics: 5/5
The art is simple, bright, and really arcade-like. The music was catchy and it is very hard to get it out of one's mind. Together, they create an excellent atmosphere that did nothing but improve the experience of each playthrough.

Overall: 4.5/5
This game is for those with enough calm in their minds to handle the frustration of repeated failure, those looking for a new challenge to overcome, or those who simply like suffering through an arcade game. 11/10 would definitely recommend.


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Your mom is a hero
pew pew bang bang!

I admit that I am pretty psyched to get another positive review for this little game. Thanks for the feedback. I have to admit that the soundtrack inspired and motivated me into making this game. I still listen to the tunes in my glitch-hop and techno playlists to this day.
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