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Based on Richard Wagner's "The Ring Cycle" Tales of the Rhinemaidens will span across all four acts of the original opera. This includes "The Rhinegold," "The Valkyrie," "Siegfried," and "Dusk of the Gods."

Each act stars a different main character, with the exception of the final act, which will have a composite of characters from the prior acts. For playable characters, please see the characters tab.

The game will follow the play for the most part with the exception of the final act, which will extend beyond the original opera and will delve into the actual happenings of the Ragnarok, as well as some original content I will develop that will still be consistent with the Germanic legends of it to an extent. Each act furthermore will introduce additional plot settings and creatures from Germanic mythology (orcs, elves, etc.) that were not featured in Wagner's opera. Some of this is because this is a game, and some of this is is to incorporate my own creations into the play (although not to the extent of what has been changed to the Hobbit, these are more side stories). Many of the sidequests will also feature cameoes from both Germanic and Nordic sagas as well as sources from other media outlets inspired by the mythology.

I have decided to go with the English translations for many of the names as opposed to my original concept - so "Wotan" will be Odin and "Donner" will be Thor, and so on although Siegfried will remain as well as Brunhilde (versus Sigurd and Brynhildr).

As stated originally, portions of the game will be open ended and decisions in certain acts (Act II for example) will change the outcome of the final chapter. These decisions can be made on both sidequests and main quests, and will build into essentially an internal reputation system - the player will be ignorant of these values in order to force them to role-play versus "game" the system (unless they want to keep track via P&P). Exploration is key in this game to uncovering treasures in order to complete main quests as I'll be quite honest - this game is not going to be easy. This is further emphasized by the skill tree system, in which the player gains points upon level up to place in different skills that have a progressive system depending on what stem they are. Sure, I am giving the player the power to powerlevel - however, it will take hours of powerleveling in order to the game the system versus progressing with the story and therefore the skill tree becomes a choice of sorts - does Alberich want to learn utility skills such as pickpocketing and pick locks in order to gather equipment to increase stats, or does he want to focus on more battle oriented skills such as hide in shadows and backstab?

My goal is to release the first Act, which sets up the following Acts by the end of February. I may or may not meet this goal but my hope is people will enjoy my take on a classic story that has not been put to the forefront of gaming as it should have been.

I hope everyone looks forward to the project!

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Being that I released the demo about a week and a half ago, I was hoping to receive some kind of feedback - good or bad. Feel free to comment!
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Like the portraits and environments. Very much reminds me of a love child between LOTR and A Song Of Ice And Fire.
The original story, Ring of the Nibelungs, is one of the strongest influences on LOTR. Ironically in response to what you're saying, I do plan to add a sort of Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire type of brutality (although the original story is fairly brutal) to it.
when will it be completed ,it really looks interesting.
I wish I had a better answer for you, but I haven't been working on it for all that long.

What I'm trying to do is as much of the prework (graphics, skills, etc) as I can before I really get into making the game (although I have jumped into the actual game to take a break). I think my biggest mistake with my old game was that I didn't do it this way - its harder to go through the attrition part after you have already gotten into the game. But any help is appreciated (especially graphics in which I don't feel I am very talented at but I have patience to do what I can to make them look better than average).
I've added a characters section with a very brief description of each of the playable characters.
Well I wanted to provide a status update...
Working on the 2nd dungeon, progress has been slow due to hectic work requiremnts for year end financial close.

Once the second dungeon is complete (need to finish puzzle and nooks and crannies really, graphically and treasures, etc.) Will be halfway through the first act basically, most of the set up has been completed. I know there isn't a huge fanbase for this project, but for those who are interested it hasn't died! I should have some good time to do some work over the holidays.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Interested, continue to be interested, don't think I'll stop being interested. Will you be putting the game up act by act, or as a whole?
The premise certainly sounds interesting. Subscribed.

The game will contain all 4 acts, but I'd like to release the first act once it's finished. The main reason I wanted to go this route is because I wanted inventory to go from act to act; while unrealistic, because of the skillsets/choices of each of the characters, you may find something useful during the 1st ac t with alberich (being a thief) that may be useful only to Siegfried during the 3rd and4th acts, etc.

I am using a lot of D&D (well more infinity engine) concepts that I hope people will enjoy.
Dreaded, your looking for a beta tester?....can I help?
RMN sex symbol
Subscribed, looks fantastic. Wish I could play, pretty impossible from my phone though lol.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
looks good to be sure but im looking more for shorter games 2- hours
and this looks like a bigger project
the original sinn
Looks vry interesting
Bug reports: In the cutscene with the maidens, when the dwarf jumps into the water and swims towards the gold, the game crashes when he reaches the gold, with the massage: "The file FX-Light-06 cannot be opened". The crash repeats itself no matter how manny times I try.
Also, how do I use steal? I "Learned" the skill when I reached level 3 but there is no steal action to chose in the battle screen (or in the steal menu), as far as I can see.
Also, the skill "Find traps" seems to create lag in the game (for the skill's 30 seconds duration).

I really love the game's music, It's amazing. I kind of felt the transition in some areas between different kinds of music wasn't all that smooth, especially in the opening scene. The GOT inspired battle music was kinda wierd, but not unpleastent.

The explanatoin of the game mechanics at the start was way too long, and combined obvious things with really imortant pieces of info. It also felt a bit out of place, but I guess it's needed. For instance, I feel you could sum up much of the text to "esc: menu screen, 1: skill upgrade, 2: stat upgrade, 3: quest menu, 4: rest (not using rest will net you with some neat rewards". At least consider adding a shorter version tutorial.

All in all, seems like an amazing game, and I hope the little bug wiil be fixed, so I can contonue playing.
GoneWind: Steal should be in the main battle commands menu once it's learned.
As for light-06 being missing, I used that program that wipes out unused resource files. On this particular scene, it was imbedded on the move file and must not have been read with that program.

I will upload the graphic file for the fix and create a patched file download to fix the problem.

As far as the tutorial part; I thank you for your input on that and will take a look at reducing it. I tried to look at it from the perspective of someone who had never played one of these games before. I will look into making adjustments.

As for the GOT battle music; well, to be honest I spent a lot of time trying to find a battle theme for this style of game, and a lot of the BioWare games I used other resources from were a little too over the top for a regular battle theme. The main theme from GOT just seemed to fit well for it's purpose.
GoneWind: Steal should be in the main battle commands menu once it's learned.

Thanks, I didn't notice it since you have to scroll down to reach it.
Also, thanks for the bug fix (what about the lag when using "Find Traps"? Is it somethong which is unique to my laptop?).

As for the GOT theme, it sure is badass, so I can't complain :)
The lag with find traps might be the result of so many parallel processes running at once. It might be tricky to fix (at the time I was sort of re-acclimating myself with RPGMaker - it might be something I'll have to look into to see if I can get rid of some waste and help speed things up on slower processors). I figure the traps to be part of all the dungeons throughout the game so if it's causing significant slowdown, it's definitely something I need to look into fixing.

EDIT: And thank you for the feedback and bringing up the bug!
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