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This is a story about a young boy from the Legendary Dragon Clan. One day he sets out on a journey to look for the Goddess who had destroyed the Dragon Clan. Along the journey he will meet obstacles. Still, with the power of the Dragons he can overcome everything. However, on this journey he is never alone. There are others who will help him. A magician of Wyndia, the Leader of a Resistance Group, An adventuring pirate, a Lone Fighter, and the Legendary Blue Light. They journey together to seek for answers. And this is how the story begins . . . . . . . . . .

The new update download link does not require any RTP installed in the game. This game is currently being updated for the grammar fixing. Right now, it has been updated until you reach the Ship after the Tournament Island. Later, you can copy and paste you saved file to the newer updated version of the game. If you have any question, feel free to ask. There are many hidden quests and secrets in the game. I hope you guys will enjoy this.

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  • garde
  • RPG Tsukuru 2000
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  • 05/22/2008 10:16 AM
  • 04/30/2013 10:57 PM
  • 08/27/2011
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Okay, the download link on your website does work. Will give my thoughts later. I like the look of this game, so I hope it's nice and long.

That's the site for download. I've also submit the game to rpgmaker.net. This is an old game but I hope fans of BoF might enjoy playing it.
Whenever I try to play, an error saying"the file bof2sys cannot be opened' shows up. Do you know games like this one.
At least you post the game here Garde :D
How do you start the game?
I downloaded the files but I can`t find anything that opens the game..
Guys, it's using Rpgmaker 2000 RTP and RTP addon. You'll need to download it and install them in your pc. Then you'll need a copy of RPG_RT.exe from other rpgmaker 2000 games. Paste the file to the folder and you're ready to go. If you've download many rpgmaker 2000 games you only need to copy the rpg_rt.exe file from those games and copy it to this game. Thnx
I am NOT downloading a bloated RTP addon. Can't you use the fullpackageflag trick?


I have the same problem as soham051994; it brings up the error message "Cannot open file bof2sys"
Okay, I got it to work... I copied a file from the system folder of one of the other games I have into the system folder for this game, and renamed it 'bof2sys'. I recommend you find one you like, and one that has numbers, to put into there until garde updates the download file to include the REAL bof2sys.
I hate to 'spam,' but I've found yet ANOTHER file that 'cannot be found' or whatever: chipset14. I won't be surprised if I find more... I made a copy of chipset4 this time incase that was supposed to be chipset14.
Aw, I made a copy of chipset4 as chipset18 but that just looks ugly once it shows Ryu running... I'm giving up on this until I can get a real copy!
I've upload the update chipset 14, 18. System: Bof2system. Overall, every missing file was in RTP add on(7.5MB). Main resources from RTP (11 MB). I'm sorry for the inconvinience since uploading more than 5 MB is a problem in my area.

Here is a link to update some missing file although I cant guarantee you might find more unless you have rtp and rtp addon installed in your pc. Thanks.


The 1st link was broken.
...chipset5c is also missing. Here are the chipsets I DO have: "Bro_Inner", "chipset4", 14, 18, "city.xyz"(xyz?), "Water, Ice cave"
By the way... In the actual games, Nina has ALWAYS been the princess of Windia (though it was called Wynlan in the first game).
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