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This game was my entry for the "Game in a Week XI" competition. It is a puzzle game where you match classes that are effective against your opponent and try to achieve a high score by matching as many as possible per line.

Each stage or "Mission" follows a simple format of having 1 to 5 rows and 1 to 5 columns of "Heroes" and "Enemies". Aside from having to match the characters against your opponent each stage has 3 difficulities: Easy, Normal, and Hard. Also, each stage has a unique challenge in hard mode.


- F5 Key:
The F5 key changes the screen from normal to full screen or vice versa.
(Please do not use the ALT + Enter combo to switch out of it while the screen
is full.)

- Arrow keys:
The arrow keys allow you to select Heroes while in a mission and move then when

- CTRL Key:
The CTRL key selects the currently highlighted Hero to move with the Arrow keys.
Pressing it again will unselect it.

- ALT Key:
The ALT key pauses the game while in a mission.

- SHIFT Key:
The Shift lets you use a bomb while in mission mode. Bombs are limited in
quantity and when used they kill all the enemies in the front row. Certain
enemies are not affected by bombs and others may take reduced damage.

- Confirm Key:
The Confirm key initiates battles while in a mission.

- Cancel Key:
The Cancel brings up the mission options menu while in a mission. The options
are "Retry", "Give Up", and "Return". Retry restarts the battle, Give up lets you
back to the mission select menu, and Return, returns you to the mission.


Like I mentioned above the goal of the game is to defeat your opponent's troops by matching the classes that defeat them, but that is not all that there is to the game. Some stages will require you to defeat a single monster or "Leader" in order to end the battle and there are a few twists on the basics as you progress.

The game is meant to be played from Easy mode to remember the combinations then onto Normal to practice your skills and finally to Hard to challenge yourself. There is no real challenge in either Easy or Normal mode, since I did not have the time to set a unique challenge for each difficulty so I only did so for Hard mode. This however, does not mean that other modes are not fun, they're just not very challenging.

In missions you will see a status window showing the stats of your hero and opponents, the stars on these windows tell you how effective your hero is from the opponent across of it.

- The Gold star means that when this battler attacks it will instantly defeat its
- The Silver star means that when this battler attacks it will do double damage.
- The Bronze star means that when this battler attacks it will be defeated no
matter how much HP it has.

- I am aware of the issue with the music and the only way to fix it is to find a
musician to add the looping tags.

- The cursor and character movement is going to be bad at first, there is no way
around this. Just start on the first stage on Easy mode and you should get used
to it pretty fast.

- I hope you guys catch them all... Look hard!

Have a nice day!

Latest Blog

Update, fixes, and old ideas

I've updated the game to fix some problems that have been reported, most importantly the problem with the last 2 missions not appearing when you beat the previous ones which bring the total of missions to 8.

Also I wanted to ask if people liked the game and if they have any opinions about it. I know there is a lot that can be fixed or improved, but I want to know what most people would like to see done.

I also wanted to share a list of ideas that I wanted to add into the game that I had to cut because of the 7 day limit. I'm thinking of adding them to the game as extra missions if there is enough interest in any of them.


You keep battling and the aim of the game is to defeat the whole row of the opponent in order to make their front lines retreat allowing you to gain more

Simple version:
The goal is to defeat everyone in the front row which in turn makes their
front row recede and yours go forward. Once all enemy rows are gone you win.
Enemies also win rows when they defeat your row.


In Ghost mode the enemies are disguised as ghost and are only shown briefly when the battle starts and after a battle. The enemies retain all of their stats except
for their appearance.

Healer Rumble.

In this mode you are given a single or a couple of healers and the goal of the
game is to see how long you can last without anyone dying. The healers restore
1 HP per turn of everyone around them.

(The moment any of your Heroes die the match end.)


In this mode you have a limited amount of character movements. This one could go either way with a total limit or a limit per character, it depends on how difficult it makes the game.

Thank you for reading and playing the game and have a nice day!


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You the practice of self-promotion
TDS, congrats on getting this completed! I'll give it a play when I have some time to do so.
TDS, congrats on getting this completed! I'll give it a play when I have some time to do so.

Thanks. I hope you have a good time playing it.
Oooh it's here :D
Grats on finishing~
Looks awesome. I plan on downloading it soon. But I'm running out of disc space ha.
Really cool system as always. I love seeing your stuff!

Yeah, finally! And thanks, the testing for it took more than I anticipated.


Thanks, and It's 8.41 MB of fun! (Just in case you wanted to know the size)


Thanks, it's always great to hear and know people keep a track of my work and like what I do.
I'm currently playing this, and I'm liking it.

It's a pretty nifty concept!
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
this looks interesting gonna check this out :D
mission select and a unique battle system? ill give feedback when i get around to actually playing it
but for now great job!
was a good concept sadly i did not enjoy it.
i guess this form of strategy is just not my thing
after watching the video in the media section i found that i as playing it wrong
but still its not my preference pretty good game tho for those who like that type of battle
So I finally gave this a shot since Penta linked it to me in connection with a ~secret project~, and WOW THIS WAS REALLY REALLY FUN <3333

Like woah talk about a thing that was right up my alley! <3 I always love playin' your stuff, TDS. It's so innovative and fun and aaaaahhh ;w;

It took me a minute to get into the swing of things, but boy was it great after I understood what I was doing, ah-hahahaha~
I want to play this but both downloads seem to not work. Anyone can offer a download link for me?
Yeah the download link for this game is broken and returns a Error (4xx) message.
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