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Update, fixes, and old ideas

  • TDS
  • 09/06/2013 02:05 AM
I've updated the game to fix some problems that have been reported, most importantly the problem with the last 2 missions not appearing when you beat the previous ones which bring the total of missions to 8.

Also I wanted to ask if people liked the game and if they have any opinions about it. I know there is a lot that can be fixed or improved, but I want to know what most people would like to see done.

I also wanted to share a list of ideas that I wanted to add into the game that I had to cut because of the 7 day limit. I'm thinking of adding them to the game as extra missions if there is enough interest in any of them.


You keep battling and the aim of the game is to defeat the whole row of the opponent in order to make their front lines retreat allowing you to gain more

Simple version:
The goal is to defeat everyone in the front row which in turn makes their
front row recede and yours go forward. Once all enemy rows are gone you win.
Enemies also win rows when they defeat your row.


In Ghost mode the enemies are disguised as ghost and are only shown briefly when the battle starts and after a battle. The enemies retain all of their stats except
for their appearance.

Healer Rumble.

In this mode you are given a single or a couple of healers and the goal of the
game is to see how long you can last without anyone dying. The healers restore
1 HP per turn of everyone around them.

(The moment any of your Heroes die the match end.)


In this mode you have a limited amount of character movements. This one could go either way with a total limit or a limit per character, it depends on how difficult it makes the game.

Thank you for reading and playing the game and have a nice day!