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Some strategies that are good for fighting the bosses and minibosses of the game. In case you need some assistance.

Water Zone Miniboss (level 1-4: Bayside Beach)

Really easy, just hit him a few times with veggies and you'll defeat him. Watch out for the spawning fish and the bullet bills (the bullet bills can't be jumped on, so don't try.)

Water Zone Boss (level 1-7: Deluged Dungeon)

Pretty easy; just be patient and dodge the piranha's fireballs and the boss's sprout attack. Use the grab blocks, then wait for an opening. Use the two green moving blocks if you need to get closer, but it's possible to hit the boss without using the blocks at all.

Abyss Zone Miniboss (level 2-4: Convoluted Culvert)

The giant chomp may look menacing, but he's actually not that bad to deal with overall. All you have to do is hit him with the mask heads while trying to avoid him (as well as the smaller chomps on the ceiling). Remember that the chomp can only jump so far, so if you manage to get to the far side of the room while the chomp is on the other side, he can't smash you. You need to hit him a whopping 20 times before he goes down;, just remember that the chomp is very unpredictable as to when he will jump so be careful. Grab fire flowers to keep yourself healthy if you need to.

Abyss Zone Boss (level 2-7: Dark Depths)

This boss moves in a set pattern; after taking one revolution around the room, he'll charge you once he reaches the lower right side of the screen; make sure you're under him or you'll definetly get hit. Also, beware of the fire stick and the pidgit bills. Ten cannonball bombs ends him, but watch how you hit him because he actually has a large hit box and if you throw the bombs wrong, you'll end up getting hit, too!

Mountain Zone Miniboss (level 3-4: Low Ledge Lake)

This battle is pretty tricky. The miniboss will phase in and out from four different locations of the room (the four corners, pretty much) every so often. You have to defeat all four to get to the shine sprite waiting above, however there is a catch. If you're too slow in killing one before it disappears from its current location, the hits won't register at all. This means you must time your vegetables so that it deals all four hits at the same time - BEFORE IT DISAPPEARS. With the bloopers swimming about, this can be quite troublesome. Try to keep the bloopers at bay while you concentrate on killing the miniboss; grab the fire flowers to keep yourself healthy.

Mountain Zone Boss (level 3-7: Scorching Summit)

This boss can also be tricky if you don't know what to do. First of all, always keep an eye on that moving wall of lava; if it touches you, you're dead, and also watch out for the fireballs that attack you periodically. To beat this boss, you need to get to the red pipe that spawns yoshi eggs (they don't contain anything), then depending on which side of the lava wall you're on, you either need to carry the egg over to the boss and throw it at him, or you'll need to wait for the lava wall to move, then use the green pipe to get to the other side before you can attack. The green pipe is the ONLY way to dodge the lava wall. If you can maneuver Daisy well enough, you can also freeze the podoboos and hit the boss with them, but you won't be able to carry them into the green pipe with you. 10 hits and he dies.

Woodland Zone Miniboss (level 4-4: Eerie Estate)

You need to defeat not one, not two, but three big boos to clear the way to the goal roulette. Keep at a safe distance from the boos while dodging the eeries and fireballs using statue form of the tanooki suit. When a grab block appears, use it to hit the big boos.

Woodland Zone Boss (level 4-7: Tremendous Treetop)

The boss won't attack you at all, however the cloud platforms won't stay around for long - WATCH FOR THE ARROWS THAT SHOW UP; if you're on a platform without any arrows above it, that means the platform you're on is about to disappear in 3 seconds. You need to position Daisy underneath the arrows so that she lands on the platform when the 3 seconds are up; if you hover too soon, you'll fall down to your death. This fight is all about keeping Daisy safe on those cloud platforms; meanwhile, you can use the eyeball monsters to fight the boss; pick them up and toss them upwards. If you're Ice Daisy, you'll have a somewhat easier time hitting the boss, but if you aren't then it'll be slightly tougher. The best time to attack the boss is while the middle platform is on the screen, but you can still hit him from the side platforms if you throw straight up and the boss is low enough (if he's too high up, you'll miss.)

Spaceport Zone Miniboss (level 5-4: Sector "S")

This battle can be difficult. First off, ditch the red kuribo's boot because it will only hinder you. The giant blargg boss is on the other side of the room, but getting over there may be quite tricky due to the grinders and the boss's fireballs. As soon as a bob-omb spawns, quickly grab it (if you can; if not, just wait for the next one) and rush over to the boss, then throw the bob-omb at him before it explodes in your face. Grab feathers to keep yourself healthy if you need to. You only need to land four hits on him to beat him.

Spaceport Zone Boss (level 5-7: Leader's Lair)

This is the final boss of the game, and he has two phases. During the first phase, he will move toward you, then move back to his original position. To avoid this, either have Daisy stand on the lower left grey pipe (where the powerups spawn) or you can just simply jump and hover over him. After a few seconds, he will jump over towards the other side in a backwards V type pattern, then he'll walk back to the right. Either stand on the lower pipe or run under, then quickly jump onto the blocks and hover over him. Meanwhile, you'll be attacked by fireballs from below and skrees that toss hammers at you from above. Try not to let too many skrees get onto the screen; you can shoot them down with a fireball. To hit the boss, use the cannon bombs that spawn from the upper pipe. 10 hits sends him into his second phase.

Phase 2 is a bit more difficult than phase 1. The blocks and the metal pipe now turn white, meaning they are slippery like ice. You'll need to be much more careful now. He'll still walk over to you, only faster, and he also jumps up into the air. Once again, keep Daisy on the far left side of the room. He'll jump up twice per cycle; when he jumps up into the air the first time, a salvo of missiles will fire through the center of the room. You can easily deal with the missiles by either jumping on them, or simply staying underneath them. When he jumps up the second time, non-homing fireballs will shoot at you, so try to avoid them. Also, during this phase, the homing fireballs shoot out slightly quicker. There's a lot you have to deal with, so make sure you keep grabbing the fire flowers to stay alive while hitting the boss with cannon bombs when you get the opportunity. 10 more hits and he's done for.