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These are the levels in each zone of Sarasaland Adventure 2. Each x-4 level has a miniboss you must defeat to get to the goal roulette, and each x-7 level has the zone's boss in it.

Zone 1: Water Zone

This zone of the aliens' planet takes place near the sea. Get ready to put your bathing suit on, because Princess Daisy will have to do some swimming to get through here safely.

1-1: Flooded Fields
1-2: Etecoon Estuary
1-3: Tidal Tunnel
1-4: Bayside Beach
1-5: Colossal Cascade
1-6: Waterlogged Well
1-7: Deluged Dungeon

Zone 2: Abyss Zone

This zone takes place inside a deep, dark underground cave below the surface. Princess Daisy will have to dig down deep in order to find the glimmer of light from the shine sprites located here. Hope you're not afraid of the dark...

2-1: Hazardous Hole
2-2: Chocolate Caves
2-3: Icewall Igloo
2-4: Convoluted Culvert
2-5: Botanic Burrow
2-6: Muddling Maze
2-7: Dark Depths

Zone 3: Mountain Zone

This zone takes place on a large volcano and its cliffs outside. Princess Daisy must climb the mountain first, then enter the infernal volcano to find this zone's shine sprites. Don't get burned!

3-1: Country Canyon
3-2: Honeybee Hills
3-3: Blueberry Bluff
3-4: Low Ledge Lake
3-5: Crimson Corridor
3-6: Meltdown Mine
3-7: Scorching Summit

Zone 4: Woodland Zone

This zone takes place deep in a mysterious forest on the alien planet. One side is full of lush plant life. The other side is haunted. Keep your wits about you; this is no place for the weak of heart. Eventually, Princess Daisy needs to climb a large tree and then head to the treetops to find the alien boss here.

4-1: Toadstool Topiary
4-2: Spooky Stream
4-3: Ghoulish Graveyard
4-4: Eerie Estate
4-5: Tranquil Thicket
4-6: Sky High Sequoia
4-7: Tremendous Treetop

Zone 5: Spaceport Zone

This zone takes place on a space station up above the alien planet. The place is crawling with aggressive aliens, dangerous passages filled with acid and maniacal machines. If Princess Daisy is to find the alien leader, she'll have to fully explore the space station, inside AND out, and stay in one piece in the process!

5-1: Conveyor Chamber
5-2: Blackout Brig
5-3: Grizzled Generators
5-4: "Sector S"
5-5: Starry Spacewalk
5-6: Micro-G Meteor
5-7: Leader's Lair