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Progress Report

Finished! For now. Maybe...

After several months of working hard on the game, it is finally completed. Though, I may plan on adding a special zone at some point, and if I do, it won't be any time soon. If I don't add it, then this will be the final version.

The game (more specifically, the first two zones) have went through many changes since the demo version was released, so if I were you, I would start a brand new game rather than continue from where you left off (if you played through the demo, that is). I lowered the amount of shine sprites per level from three to two, so now there are a total of 75 shine sprites to collect instead of whatever number I had planned before. If there are any glitches or bugs or weird stuff, please let me know. I also added level information and boss strategies on the page, so feel free to check those out.


Progress Report

Progress. That's good, right?

A little update for SA2 coming at you. World 3 is completely done, well, once I go through it and remove some stuff anyway, and now World 4 is in the works. The latest 3 screenshots should give you an idea of the theme for World 4; that's all I'm going to say about that. But tl;dr version: Stuff's getting done. And that's good. World 4 shouldn't take me too long to make overall; it depends how I want to go about it. I'll also be putting up more screenshots of stuff to come at a later date.

Progress Report

Demo to come soon. Hopefully. Maybe..

Ok, a little progress report. This project isn't dead, it's just moving along really slowly. This is mostly due to real life stuff going on, and when I do get free time, I've been putting that towards the new Shadows of Evil game I'm making in Ace (which I haven't even put up yet). But I haven't forgotten about this project.

Basically, the first two worlds are completed, and I 'hopefully' plan to release a demo sometime within the next couple of days. Reason why I say hopefully is because I've run into a little situation with SMBX recently; it seems that it's giving me run-time error 52's on the world 2 hub map for some odd reason, and I'm trying to find out what's causing it. I can't release the demo until this gets fixed. If push comes to shove, I'll just remake World 2's hub map from scratch, but hopefully I won't have to do that. We'll see, I guess. The demo is going to contain 14 levels by the way (out of 40-something probably; this game is going to be shorter than Sarasaland Adventure 1 most likely.)

If there's anyone who knows about run-time error 52 and knows how to solve it, please help a guy out if you don't mind.
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