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Enter Seeo Briune. A young man with a mysterious runic power. Feared and discriminated against by most, Seeo vows to protect his kingdom in order to gain the trust of his people. However, after a series of events. Seeo finds himself embroidered within the threads of a conflict that could spell the corruption of the universe.

Battles will be fought, Truths unearthed,
and a story not soon forgotten, will be told...

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Ready, Set, Donate!

Dormant Sky Kickstarter

Some time ago a forum member who commented on the project page expressed his/her willingness to contribute to the project. And when I considered the prospect of creating a Kickstarter for an Rpgmaker game, I found it pretty humorous. But after I researched and found that Dormant Sky would definitely not be the first or last to be submitted and get this end up Fully Funded, I had to give it a shot.

This also wouldn't be the first time I bucked a community trend with the way I go about game development. The primary thing that has always held back my vision for this game is the amount of resources I need for it to prosper. Something like Kickstarter would definitely grant me those resources. Truth is, I allowed development of the game to halt for the last year or so for multiple reasons that have dealt with my personal life, but with working with Vanit and the custom systems, one thing I have started to need is money. Custom systems need custom resources. The Battle System could have been finished and a demo out in 2010, if I had a few hundred sprites done for the character's animations.
Being a full-time college student hasn't exactly helped me in that area either. But I have expressed that I truly want to release this game. Even if the project fails to be funded, I will still do my best to make it happen. This method would just increase the rate of which exponentially.

Lastly, I'd like to compensate the people who have contributed to this project from day one. There are people who have taken shots at me for utilizing a team factor for this game but it boils down to the fact that there are people who really bought into my vision for the project even as an RPGmaker title, and contributed their talents. I want to do good by them, and those who look forward to Dormant Sky even today.

If you know of anyone who might be interested in donating to Dormant Sky please share the link.

Who knows, I may be able to get the game finalized in a completely different engine at the end of the day.

This is the vision of a guy who refuses to settle for mediocrity.
I believe that this fundraiser will live and die by the Rpgmaker community.

I'll meet you guys back here in 54 days.

Sion Out,

~Let's Do It


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Like the look of this game. I'll be interested in trying this out.
interesting synopsis.
add more screen shots.
He does this by using scripts. Its real simple. Search Side Veiw battle script on google.
Actually, to minimize confusion. I'm actually using Rpgmaker 2003.
And I'm running the battle system with events. I'm about to
update now, let me know what you think thereafter.
I rather like this alternative to project showcasing.

Holy crap... you put alot of effort into this game. im very impressed. hurry up and put out a quick demo already.
great i want to play yours then i'll put
mine up i'll try my best
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
This game is fucking terrible.
This game is fucking ... I don't know, since there's no link for me to actually play it.
Been waiting for this game forever on Gamingw, how much longer dude, lol.

Anyway looking forward to this game alot.
Awesome Game cant Wait For A Release Looking Forward To It!
don't hold your breath

oh wait too late
Sion, are you still alive? And if so, are you still working on this game?
You had hope of this getting finished?

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