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  • Me-Patra
  • 08/14/2013 12:51 AM
I've updated the file in the downloads section which fixes the following bugs:

-"dum shibe" loop
-Puddle battle loop
-Getting trapped in Crest's house (trophy and stairs)
-Books magically appearing after speaking to Chi several times
-Bernard battle happening even if you took pictures
-Screen turning black if you speak to Bernard after not taking pictures without Shibe in the party

Unfortunately, there's no way to keep your save file if you've already started in the first version of the game. Sorry for all the crazy bugs guys and thanks for your patience OTL

EDIT: I'm told that if you keep the old version of the game and then download the new version, it is possible to merge the files together and keep your old save file. I haven't tried this myself yet, though.