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Version 1.02 is Out

  • Me-Patra
  • 08/14/2013 06:02 PM
Fixed a few more things, though nothing quite as major as the things fixed in 1.01:

-It's no longer possible to force your way into the park if you keep moving up after Sherman tells you to stop.
-If you put the Famicom on the rock thing before the dolphin, there is no loop.
-If you somehow talk to Bold without Shibe in the party, his dialogue is different now.
-You can no longer get stuck in Sharpei's stairs.

Known bugs that are still in Version 1.02:
-After talking to Bold with Shibe in the party, Shibe's picture doesn't erase. To Get rid of it, speak to another dog.
-If you use Windows XP, there is a chance that the game will fail to play the credits at the very end and crash, possibly deleting your save file. You're not actually missing out on seeing any content, but if you want to keep your save file safe you might want to save in 2 different slots as a precaution.

Version 1.01:
-If you did not take pictures of Crest, there is a chance that Shibe will not leave the party when you talk to Corg. This is not caused by an error in the scripting and seems to happen completely randomly. If this happens to you, reload a previous save and try again.

As always, there are probably even more bugs I missed! If you see any, give me a holla