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This doesn't deserve the hype or the hate it's getting.


Pom Gets Wifi is a game that was made by Me-Patra. It's a fun little adventure game but it's only average. It was apparently over hyped by a YouTube user, and then it's got more downloads than any RPGMaker game. I'm going to go through the pros and cons of this game to show that it's not extremely good, but also not extremely bad.


This is a great part of the game. The game takes place in heaven, which is a pretty unique environment. It takes place on clouds, and there are houses where other dogs live, and a place where you can play Frisbee with a machine.

The map is pretty small - only 7 or so screens on the world map, and a few houses, but the environment holds up all through the game. There's also a place where you can look down from heaven on your old home, which is kind of sad.

The environment is pretty much great in this game. I have no complaints here.


The story is a little silly and the story isn't very serious, but it's nice anyways. Our main character is Pom, who speaks in internet chatspeak, and loves only browsing the internet. His quest is to get wifi for his laptop in heaven.

There is another dog - Shibe - who is more serious than Pom and a better dog overall. He joins Pom on his quest to get wifi.

Spoilers from here:
Throughout the adventure, you fix the Frisbee machine, stalk a female dog, and visit StarPugs that advertises "free wifi".

Eventually you defeat the head dog who rules heaven. Shibe then tries to talk you out of letting heaven be destroyed so you can get Wifi. You either have the choice to kill him or not, which gives you two different endings.

The only thing I fount annoying with the story is how Pom talks. Intentional misspelling and bad grammar are a bit annoying when every dialog in the game is like that. The story seemed a bit random, but there was nothing too stupid about it that would make me not like it.


The gameplay is quite short, and is primarily collecting things or doing your next quest. There are a few battles, but you don't lost them unless you're trying to, so I think it hardly qualifies as an RPG.

An example of a quest is when you have to go talk to the other dogs in town to get random objects so you can build a step to get over a fence. Or when you have to do another dog's mission to get a doggy treat.

There isn't too much to say about the gameplay here, as the game is too short, but it seems fine to me. It's like any other puzzle games with a few battles thrown in. There's also nothing extremely good about it, though. It can keep you entertained for a while.


This is a decent adventure game. In my opinion, it doesn't deserve 0.5/5 ratings or 1/5 ratings, but it certainly doesn't deserve the gigantic amount of downloads or the hype it's getting.

"Haven't played it yet. Already trying to get it game of the year."
- KadyCandy

This is exactly what shouldn't happen. RPGMaker games should stand on their own content, not because some silly YouTube user says the game is good and therefore they nominate it for every category before even playing it.

The game's content is average; it's certainly 3/5, but nothing more.


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It could be worse; at least they can’t nominate the game again for anything else for the second year in a row (they would, you know). Thank god for democracy!

And yeah, it is a shame that this game is being judged rather harshly around here just because it’s constantly on the front page all the time and has the most downloads of every game here just simply because some famous guy from Sweden happened to play it one day. It’s not a bad game, as I quite enjoyed it the first time I played it through and I found the characters and the whole concept surrounding it to be really aspiring and fresh. It’s too bad that the rest of the gameplay didn’t follow suite with the rest of the ideas presented here. Oh well.

Good review. Actually, a lot of your reviews around here are pretty interesting to read lately. Keep it up!
The problem here is not the game, it's the praise it got. People online gets stupider, and you can see what happens when people blindly goes to something just because a celebrity touched that thing. And then we've got the haters, that go also blindly hating just because they got disappointed over something that is famous. In summary, all stupid, highly opinionated people.
It's not all about stupidity. A celebrity touching it just means it got much much more exposer than a RPG maker game would ever have otherwise. It getting popular even more so. I don't think it was hyped in that way: it was played .. you know exactly what you're getting into.

Then we've got the fact that this game - granted you do not align with Pom - can be quite tiring and annoying for those who "don't get (into) it". Regardless of the overall quality in it.

Add the fact that this game is very attractive to the eyes and involves cutesy and internet humour - which is enough to make many people be overjoyed and love the game based on that alone.

Together with the masses of people it's reached, it was inevitable that some of them (read: many) will praise and hate the game for their own personal reasons, and have enough people agree with them - and enough to disagree heavily - to stand behind their opinion stronger than usual. And we all know well enough that someone in the middle base has little incentive to join the battle.
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