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Much has changed in the years since the Old Gods have perished.

The world continues it's slow descent into oblivion, arbiters of the old order continue their struggle from the shadows, and the nations of the world, formerly oblivious to the Eldritch powers that bore this crisis, begin to harness it's potential for their own gain.

Nero, a man born from such strange powers is thrust into a world of ancient battles, New Gods, and an all powerful enigma who watches over all from his very subconscious.

The long awaited conclusion to the cult classic RPGmaker game; Demon Legacy.

- A note on character commands -

Each character has their own set of specific commands. Not all characters can use items but such characters can make up for this handicap in many ways.


Q: Is this the finished game? All of it?

A: Yes, this is done. There is no "Part I Part II" stuff here. It's done. Finished. Completed.

Q: What about part 1?

A: Disregard it. It's canned. I rewrote the whole thing, or rather reverted the story to what I had planned to do before the game was delayed by waiting for artwork that never panned out.

Q: Do I have to play Demon Legacy in order to understand this?

A: Not really. There are some nods to the first game but nothing that would ruin the experience for newcomers.

Latest Blog

What's happening

(Original post: http://noxfuture.tumblr.com/)

A work in progress tileset. I’ll need to add some more floor objects, trees; and maybe darken the bottom of the cliffs a bit more to give a better fading into the darkness feel.
What is happening:

Currently, I’ve been working on making assets for the proof of concept Kickstarter demo. I’ve never done pixel art before; so it’s going to take some time for me to both learn and do these things.

After this demo is complete I’m going to need to learn how to make a game in a proper engine. Likely Game Maker.

Donate Button:

On the suggestion of a previous poster and a few others, I’ve decided to add a donate button. The donate button will help to expedite things dramatically. Specifically, I’ll be able to pay a few people to help me with the assets. Namely Ocean’s Dream (http://oceansdreams.tumblr.com/) for pixel art help, and Audiomew for concept art (http://audiomew.tumblr.com/).

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  • Nightblade
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
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  • 08/12/2013 11:10 PM
  • 05/20/2017 09:12 PM
  • 08/11/2013
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subbed and waiting for the download to be posted
You the practice of self-promotion
So, I guess I get the first Dropbox download!
So, I guess I get the first Dropbox download!
So, I guess I get the first Dropbox download!

Actually, I did. MUAHAHAHAHAHA.
This game is nothing short of AMAZING.
This game looks pretty freakin' awesome, so I definitely had to go and give it a download! Being complete just makes it THAT MUCH BETTER!

Oh, and sweet music choices, by the way! I usually take a listen to the tunes a game comes with before I play it... just because. =P

Even from the small portion that I've played so far, I can tell that your sense of atmosphere and scene direction are top-notch! Everything goes hand-in-hand, and it INSTANTLY absorbs you into the game and keeps you there with a tight grip. Simply amazing. If there ever was an RPG Maker 2003 project that looked and felt like a genuine SNES game, this is definitely one of them! Great job! Definitely plan on making good progress in this one.

Also, did you make those maps? If so, fantastic job! Love 'em. Wish I could do stuff like that, or even have the patience to attempt to get that good. Hahahaha =B
RMN sex symbol
Congrats on finishing the game man. Always been a fan of this series ever since you released the original Demon Legacy at GW. Would love to try this out!
Congrats on finishing the game! I've enjoyed Demon Legacy (even though it's kind of ridden with giberrish language at times), and I certainly can't wait to try out this game once I get my free time going.

(Yeah I notice my post's somewhat's the same as Tau, but I'm pretty sure everyone who enjoyed Demon Legacy feel the same way when this game came out.)
Currently played for a couple hours. The atmosphere and animation is all pretty good. Battle system isn't revolutionary, but it's well balanced and fun for the most part.

Though I will say that Corvus becoming useless once he runs out of MP can be a bit annoying. Also, he doesn't have an normal attack animation. I noticed that when he's confused, he just blanks out when he attacks himself and others. Not sure if it's the same for others as well. Oversight? 8V

It's been interesting playing and comparing the events I'm seeing now to the events I saw last time. As well as the locales and characters and such. I've made it to that colorless forest now, so I'm glad I'm approaching entirely new territory it seems. I'll keep playing and see where it goes.
There's been quite a few passability issues I've been running into however. Mainly when dealing with areas where there's a layer ABOVE the character (such as a walkway, etc.) The Tower of Babylon is one such example. I'm able to bypass walking up stairs, etc. and avoiding puzzles simply because of one overlooked area. The town before that also has a similar problem, and I'm able to get up with the Black Guards overlooking the town.

Also, I'm able to save everywhere all the time? There are save points, but I don't quite see their purpose if I'm free to save regardless hahaha.
I think save points are more of a warning. Especially golden ones. There's always an event or boss nearby one of those. Plus the free heals don't hurt.

Anyway, I played some more and I got to the boss battle in Arcadia after the event at you know who's tower. I fought the boss for what felt like an hour before I realized something was up. So I closed out and opened up the game to look. Turns out the boss was supposed to run, yet didn't. What gives?

Other than that, I ran into some passability errors in the Ragan Castle ruined lab. You can walk onto the tables where there's rubble. Not game breaking, but yeah.
. So I closed out and opened up the game to look. Turns out the boss was supposed to run, yet didn't. What gives?

Yeah, I couldn't tell you. I even put a measure in place to make sure something like that NEVER happened. None of the testers reported an issue with that boss.
So I closed out and opened up the game to look. Turns out the boss was supposed to run, yet didn't. What gives?

Yeah, just to let you know that I've got the same problem as well. I pretty much solved it by removing 3 of the 4 escape actions you gave to the boss and modifying the precondition to 1x+12 instead of just 12...
So...I've finished the game. Kind of disappointed that the game is short compared to the first game, but it's still good nonetheless in terms of gameplay, atmosphere and of course, the improved graphics and animation. I feel the character development could have been better, though. The story is okay I guess (probably not quite as good as Demon Legacy, though).

And, well, I think the gameplay difficulty is...not so challenging? Maybe it's just me, but I find Demon Legacy more challenging than this game, and I'm all for challenges.

But overall, it's been fun. My only real pet peeves are that the game isn't challenging enough and that it's short compared to Demon Legacy.
But overall, it's been fun. My only real pet peeves are that the game isn't challenging enough and that it's short compared to Demon Legacy.

Strange you should say that, one person said that the bosses that attacked twice per turn were way too hard. Oh well, I learned a lot making the game; especially in the battle design department.
Congratulations on getting Featured, Nightblade! It's well-deserved.
Awesome work, congratulations on getting featured and congratulations on completing the project too! \o/ Subbed all the way!
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
I'll have to check it out- I may even go back and revisit Demon LEgacy first...
Thumbs up to the rebuild
Not too shabby to have both of your finished games get featured; congrats, Nightz. ^^

*pats on the back*
The infamous Rei-
Since when was this finised? How come there wasn't any commotion?
Because RMN is no country for old men. Not anymore. /cue tumbleweed.
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