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Breakout Hero

Breakout Hero is an indie game being made by Levelo, a start-up that was started and founded at the beginning of this year. Breakout Hero started as a breakout clone in mostly the concept phase at the end of last year. Since then, the game has gotten a complete reboot with enhancements focused on everything...graphics, sound, gameplay, level design, and story. Breakout Hero takes the rules of a traditional breakout game but puts it into a fantasy setting. The paddle has become a sword and the ball an orb. In Breakout Hero you will battle enemies, cast spells using your different swords, and battle against time to get 3 gold stars for each level. The game throws in elements of an RPG such as weapon strength attributes, HP, mana, gold, and shops. For the demo version which is free to play, there are a total of 5 (6 counting the shop level) levels. You will be able to purchase and use up to 4 weapons with different stats and spells for each.

Right now we are offering a Knight's tier special edition demo which features, 4 additional weapons and 4 additional spells. The Knight's tier is part of the Kickstarter campaign and starts at just $2.00.

Play the Free Demo Today!

Link: http://clay.io/game/breakouthero

Note: Some of the graphics and sounds are placeholders, the demo does not represent the final product.

Note: Clay.io accounts are easy and quick to set up. With a clay.io account you will have access to achievements for Breakout Hero. You will also be able to share on Facebook and Twitter which will give you an additional 200 gold for Breakout Hero every time you do!

Note: For those experiencing lag issues, go to "Options" on the Title Screen and click on "Weather Effects" to turn them off. This should resolve lag on slower computers. Click "Options" again to exit the menu.

Note: You must be connected to the internet or the game may crash when achievements are awarded. This has nothing to do with the programming of the game, rather the API Clay.io.


Here is the Kickstarter campaign page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/725907213/breakout-hero
If you enjoyed the free demo, please consider becoming a backer and supporter of Levelo and Breakout Hero.
There are a ton of great rewards for the backers and several of the tiers are priced very low to give our backers great deals. Thank you to all of the backers, supporters, and fans of Levelo.

Tips and Tricks

The Tips and Tricks video is a 10 minute long video which gives some helpful tips on how to get started in Breakout Hero. Perfect for those who need some help early on. Enjoy.

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Your mom is a hero
I've always been a huge fan of Breakout! I had it on the Atari 2600 (with those god-awful paddle wheel controllers). Looking good!
Thanks Kentona! Heh that's very old school, my first system was a snes but I did come across an Atari at my older cousin's home when I would visit as a kid. For me Breakout Hero is the perfect way to learn the ins and outs of a new engine and begin learning how to create some custom stuff. It's been a fantastic learning experience for me as I'm doing everything solo. I've definitely learned a lot in the last year and hopefully I can continue learning and creating. Of course a team would also be nice, might ask RMN if anyone is interested =]
You the practice of self-promotion
Same thing here (I agree that those stupid paddle wheel controllers easily lost their calibration!). Also, liked the Breakthru mode. Breakout prepared me later for Arkanoid and its clones.
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