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Where's my Mom? - Release Trailer



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You can't use the "Share" version of your videos on here, you need to copy the actual full URL or it breaks.

EDIT: Also Not a very good trailer, In the future I would advise showing some gameplay if you make a trailer, after hearing that it is only 30 minutes though I would say a Trailer is completely unnecessary, and could actually hurt your reputation in the long run as a trailer like this might get some to totally dismiss your game...
The link you need to use for a video to show on RMN is set up like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ycy2xSGhWs

Definitely show off a trailer, though. They're cool and can be put on the front page if they're good.
Hmm...This feels more like a teaser than a proper trailer...
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