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Where's my Mom? - Release Trailer



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Hmm...This feels more like a teaser than a proper trailer...
The link you need to use for a video to show on RMN is set up like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ycy2xSGhWs

Definitely show off a trailer, though. They're cool and can be put on the front page if they're good.
You can't use the "Share" version of your videos on here, you need to copy the actual full URL or it breaks.

EDIT: Also Not a very good trailer, In the future I would advise showing some gameplay if you make a trailer, after hearing that it is only 30 minutes though I would say a Trailer is completely unnecessary, and could actually hurt your reputation in the long run as a trailer like this might get some to totally dismiss your game...
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