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Sacred Reviews: Where's My Mom?


Well, it's been over half a decade since I first played this game, but I'm finally back to review "Where's My Mom?". "Where's My Mom?" was developed by CityMayorGames using RPG Maker VX Ace and is an absolute mess of a game that's just packed to the brim with annoying technical issues that have never been fixed. Seriously, I recently downloaded and replayed this game and issues I ran across back in 2015 are still present. Which is especially galling considering the developer got upset over NTC3's review, but didn't turn that into motivation to actually address any of the game's numerous technical problems.


For starters all of the events in this game are contact events. As such they trigger when you step on a specific spot on the map. This in itself isn't an issue since it's a common practice in a lot of games where mapping forces the player to touch certain squares or the developer can set multiple tiles that are side by side to trigger the same event. The problem here is that the contact event isn't deactivated upon seeing the effect it causes. This means you can experience the same event multiple times.

And as you can imagine if you trigger an event involving one of the game's thirty second cut scenes involving wobbling text, background whispers, and lightning effects you'll find yourself getting very annoyed in a hurry.

To make matters worse the developer didn't even lock down the image file for objects your interacting with which is why letters can turn into bottles of win, turkey dinners, and piles of gold depending on where you interact with them.

Another issue you'll encounter in the game's only dungeon with monsters is that as you defeat certain monsters it causes the map to change. As a result item containing chests are actually reset allowing the player to collect certain items multiple times. Though, I'll admit this bug actually works in the player's favor since you can take advantage of this to collect multiple potions. Which you'll definitely need if you want to survive against the various enemies you'll be going up against.

And finally it's possible to actually loop the game back to the early portion of the game. For some reason the developer allows the player to access the inn when they return back to town after defeating the dark ghoul. If you do so this will cause you to go back to the point in the game when you first exit your house and realize all of the towns people are missing. About the only upside to doing this is you can experience the scene involving the priest a second time, but the priest will actually be invisible this time around as shown below.


In all honesty the game presents it's basic story about trying to rescue your mom from a demon god in the worst way possible. This is because the game basically hits you over the head with the plot by shoving a summary in your face when you first start the game.

A decision that fundamentally breaks the whole point of show don't tell. It also seems like something that would be better served if it was on the game's summary page than in the game itself. Seriously, why is this here?! To make matters worse the game constantly loses any sense of pacing by having a character constantly tell the player to save. Admittedly your probably going to want to follow that advice since the game doesn't give you any healing supplies beyond a single potion that can be found in a chest that respawns on a map every time you defeat an enemy. This is because defeating enemies on this map causes the map to change ever so slightly and this resets all of the chests due to bad programming. Though I'm actually thankful for it in this case since it makes it possible to grind out enough items to make beating the game even possible in the first place.


Combat wise the game features the standard combat system that comes with RPG Maker VX Ace. So if you've played a bunch of other games made with this system you can probably guess what you'll experience. To make matters worse Oliver doesn't come with any starting skills. To make matters worse the only skills I've ever learned in this game all rely on TP to perform. So it's not exactly clear to me why Oliver even has mana or magic points to begin with. Since it's not like he'll ever be able to throw a fireball at an enemy or cast a healing spell on himself to make fights easier.

To make matters worse fights in this game aren't particularly well balanced since the player is forced to win multiple fights while effectively naked as far as gear is concerned. This is a problem since it means you need several turns to defeat most enemies while those same enemies can spam spells that do 150 to 200 points of damage to a character that starts off with 562 hit points. So if your enemies get a little too happy when it comes to casting offensive magic your going to be filling the pain in a hurry. Add in the fact there's only one chest you can access that holds a potion and this game would be utterly unbeatable in my opinion without save scumming a ton in order to win. Thankfully this isn't entirely necessary since the chest containing the potion respawns because of a bug. So it's possible to get enough potions to survive offensive onslaughts while farming enough levels to learn the strong attack skill at level five.

To make matters worse the final boss in this game is a massive disappointment since it's possible to defeat the Demon God with just two strong attacks in a row. This turns the final boss into an absolute joke since you'll probably be able to cast two strong attacks in a row at the start of the fight.

Graphics and Audio

The game relies entirely on the RTP for both of these things. As such the game isn't particularly interesting as far as these areas of the game go. The only original bit in the game is the previously mentioned cut scenes with text and lightning effects and those scenes are super annoying in my opinion since they contain tons of unintelligible background whispers whose only purpose is to annoy the player in my opinion.


"Where's My Mom?" is a really bad game whose eccentricities make it really annoying to play in my opinion. This simply isn't a game worth experiencing. Even if you've played everything else on this site I'd still suggest giving this one a pass. Seriously, you'd be better off playing "Demon Hunter" or "Devil Hunter: Seeker of Power" for the 100th time than experiencing this game even once.