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Platform: RPG Maker XP
Genre: RPG
Lead: La Fin des Temps
Demo Date: 1st September 2016
Production Status: 75%
Languages Planned:

Plot Intro:
The story begins just like Chrono Trigger, Crono wakes up and discovers that his father is still alive! Stunned by the new, our character decides to start a new adventure!

Development Summary:
At first I worked on another project, similar to this, which needed many systems to work properly. In particular a Custom Battle System. As the progress of the project, I decided to make it a little game based on Chrono Trigger.

Intro - 75%
Overworlds - 90%
Areas - 70%
NPC - 70%
English Script - 70%
About 1 hour of Gameplay - 60%
Ending - 100%
Advanced Move System - 100%
Custom Messages - 100%
Custom Battle System - 85%
Custom Shop System - 0%
Custom Menu System - 100%
Custom Save Points - 100%
Uses of Portals - 100%

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I'll be sure to check the game out when it comes out. Lavos won't somehow be back, will he? ;p
Actually no Lavos planned here (yet)! :)
Is this still in production? Looks good actually!
Yes still in production, but really slowed right now
This looks awesome, i'm very impressed by the way the battle system and the menu looks :D
looks good. lookin forward to see it
Salut Musa,
Qu'en est-il de l'avancement du jeu ?
Et Radical Dreamers + ?

Courage !
I'm actually still working on this project!

Nonetheless, I decided to switch it to Game Maker due to the limitations of RPG Maker. I just could not accept to make sacrifices in this game and get a 'poor' version of Chrono Trigger's engine.

If you want to keep track about the progress of this game, don't worry I'll update this page in time. Feel free to ask any questions you have in mind about this project.
Musa, is the game still in development?
Actually it is! I am still using GameMaker and I'll update this page in time as soon a demo will be available! I'd say you could be expecting it by the end of this year.
is game in still under progress ??? im waiting
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