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There's war in the world of Chromia, the evil emperor is trying to rule (or destroy) the world.
You start as Eric, a young guy attending a military school of the Kingdom of Alcaria, which is by far the only enemy the empire still has.
On graduation day, there's an assault on the military school, this is where the game begins.

Scripts from Yanfly and caspergaming

Don't forget this is my first game ever, I know I can still learn many things in game development.

Took me 8 months to finish this (I'm married, 3 children, work 7 days full time)

Latest Blog

1.2 Patch out now

Patch Notes:

- new final dungeon "Cleft of the Earth" instead of just the final boss fight, containing new monster types
- monster encounter rate lowered in some areas
- monsters drop new items throughout the whole game (or at least they have a chance to)
- adjusted some monster's HP to shorten some battles (especially in the later dungeons)
- fixed some small mapping, typing and eventing bugs I came around, nothing game breaking after all
  • Completed
  • Dustie
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 08/20/2013 01:57 PM
  • 07/20/2022 08:22 PM
  • 10/05/2013
  • 68855
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Well, I got an 8 part Let's Play recorded for this game.

new final dungeon "Cleft of the Earth" contains NO encounters. Good for me, but I'm guessing it wasnt intended.

It's your typical side battle RPG. There are a few cutscenes but they are pretty minimalistic, as is the plot. Side quests(?) are also plenty, but the entire game is pretty formulaic.

My strats
My strat was going thru the first half with Main char and Allice clearing crowds with group target spells and cleave, but around the Novia island area I start to notice that Allice's magic became very ineffective. At that point I barely scraped by the forest boss just before her capture due to not having effective healing (basically depended on the paladin's weak Heal and 500 heal Potions. I used up like all my potions that I had at that point in that boss fight. So, from jail until the end of the game I used a healer (Lyz) since Allice was removed from the party, and it took longer to clear crowds since nobody else had really good group-target attacks other than the main char. Towards the end of the game the bosses were deep in the meta just spamming group-target heavy magic, so you pretty much had to have a double healer strat. Good game.
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