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1.2 Patch out now

Patch Notes:

- new final dungeon "Cleft of the Earth" instead of just the final boss fight, containing new monster types
- monster encounter rate lowered in some areas
- monsters drop new items throughout the whole game (or at least they have a chance to)
- adjusted some monster's HP to shorten some battles (especially in the later dungeons)
- fixed some small mapping, typing and eventing bugs I came around, nothing game breaking after all


Patch 1.2 coming soon

So, I had a look at the game again and decided it would need some changes and fine tuning.
Here's a short overview of what will come when the patch is done:
- new final dungeon
- new monsters
- monster encounter rate lowered in some areas
- monsters drop new items
- adjusted some monster's HP to shorten some battles (especially in the late game)

Overall I'm trying to make the experience a little bit more story-orientated than just battle after battle, I even agreed with someone who wrote that battles at some point begin to get very tedious, so those are the main reasons for some of the changes.
You can still grind, but you won't have to do it as much as it was just to continue with the story.



I recently started working on the sequel, Curse Of Chromia 2.
It should appear on the site as soon as it is approved.

V1.1 for Curse Of Chromia will probably be the final version, as I am not planning to change anything so far.

Curse Of Chromia 2 will continue the story 20 years after the first game took place. I'm currently fine-tuning the first 30-60 minutes of the game so I can give everyone a demo, should be available during the next weeks.

Stay tuned :)


Patch V1.1

Changes in V1.1


- fixed a bug that could end in none of the 5 chests in the sewers being the right one
- fixed some wrong faces
- fixed the soldiers in the caves to not disappear after their already dead
- fixed some typos

Other Changes:

- You can now choose from 3 difficulties and switch between them during the game
- there's now a version indicator in the lower left corner

Download Patch

I changed the standard download on top of the page to be V1.1 already, if you only need the patch, click over this on download patch. (It is only some 80KB in size).

Progress Report


I've played through one more time, adjusted some things, HomeTown is full, monsters got a little balancing, and I just wanted to get it out now!

If you find any bugs, please report them.

If anything got fu**ed up I'll make patches, I'll play through once or twice on my own, maybe I'll patch some things then already.

Most important: Have Fun!

Progress Report

Release soon

A full release is coming soon.

Things to do:

- HomeTown still has a free home
- ending cutscene is a bit short so far
- final boss needs some more balancing
- max character levels to 45 or 50, not sure so far

Got 5 days off from tomorrow on, so I hope I'll get it done the next days.

Progress Report

Beta Status

Things to do:

- building an ending cutscene
- HomeTown has still one free house
- balancing (especially some later enemies)
- fixing some minor bugs (switches and variables fu**ing up)
- some more graphical rework

Progress Report

Beta Phase

I'm finally in a stage I would personally call beta testing, means I am playing around any dungeon etc trying things and looking if everything works as intended.
The story itself is finished including the final boss.

Things to do before release:

- bug fixes
- balancing all monsters to be beatable with every character combination (may take a week or so)
- testing, testint, testing...

Progress Report

September 26, Progress

Many things finished, some more details added in right now.
Changed how some monsters act

I'm making extremely good progress these days, a release in October is likely to get reality!

Progress Report

Progress Report: September, 3, 2013

- Way to 3rd shard is completed
- some balancing changes
- fixed some small bugs
- added color to some dialogues to help find the right way
- all playable characters are implemented (skills subject to change)
- going for an earlier release than December, got this month 1 week off and in october 2 weeks, I am planning to finish the game and release it in late October

Plans for next week:
- 4th shard
- balancing
- maybe some graphical rework on early maps of the game
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