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Clover ***UPDATE***

ok i know that ive been in the dark for quite some time now and have given little to no updates about this once highly anticipated game clover chronicles.

i have good news and bad news.

good news:

i have been spending some time learning C++ coding and programming and i think im finally ready to start reworking clover. im gonna remake the entire clover title from the bottom up using Unreal Engine 4. i had previously felt rpg maker vx ace did not do enough justice to the idea of clover that i had envisioned. i needed something stronger so i moved on and found unreal.

what this means is the game will be in 3d. i am currently thinking of/testing/writing my own battle system script so stay tuned for that. the game itself will have huge 3d areas to explore. its something i was just never satisfied with using rpg maker.

im attempting to make this game a commercial game in the end. to those who has followed me on this website and subscribed to clovers page i will offer a free copy of the game once it is finished and tested.

the only real bad news i have is that it will take some time before i can release any content update on clover. im new to c++ and 3d editing so this will be a fun experience.

thanks to all you have been supporting me on this site and etc..

Stay tuned!

Progress Report

Unpolished demo download

i found alot of bugs and im still fixing them for the polished demo. i wont post this download on this site but u can get the unpolished demo from my drop box. i was hoping to get the complete demo finished by today but unfortunately the testing phase ended up in a huge failure. so heres an unpolished demo which has not yet been fully tweeked to perfection. this is just a small section offering two boss fights not much story or anything. i know you guys have been waiting a long time for my complete demo and i apologize for not completing it on time. just some more time until i fix everything ill then post a download on the main site here. tell me how this demo goes because ill gladly take suggestions and implement it into the actual demo as i continue working on it. thanks everyone and stay tuned.



the title itself is self explanatory. working on making tilesets and the project itself is really time consuming doing this all by myself. for the first time im gonna attempt to recruit some people to this project. if anyone is interested let me know.


finals exams :(

well my finals are coming up unfortunately so for a week or two im putting my games to a hat so i can focus on studying. i must finish this semister strong!

but for all of you anticipating the demo. i will work on it full throttle once my exams are over with. thanks for having interest in my project and i hope i do not disappoint. ill be back and give you the demo at its finest! stay tuned!!!
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