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Welcome to Realm of Legends (ROFL) - a world of endless, randomized adventures awaits!

Do you like Roguelike games? Do you remember Shiren or Torneco? You also like traditional JRPGs that feature turn-based combat? Now add party micro management, skilltrees and equipment crafting to the mix. Sounds cool? Then Realm of Legends (ROFL) is exactly what you are looking for!

Realm of Legends - Introduction

This game is a roguelike RPG: You venture down into the dungeons for glory & wealth. Fight your way through myriads of randomly generated corridors and defeat evil monstrosities of varying skill and (partly) randomized stats. Death lurks around every corner: Traps pave the dungeon floors, rare monsters are on the prowl, and every now and then a special dungeon room appear out of nowhere!

Of course treasure awaits those who dare to face the danger of the depths: Hundreds of artifacts can be discovered with varying stats and customizing options. Equip your heroes with powerful weapons and outfit them with the strongest armor to make them succeed on their quest. Then develop the skilltrees of your heroes by assigning learning points to various skills. Whatever you do, more adventure (and danger) waits around the next corner. Welcome to the randomized, open-world of GrindQuest!

GrindQuest - Features

* Randomly generated dungeon levels guarantee endless replayability
* Theoretically endless and unlimited open-gameplay
* Many dungeon subtypes like: Ice, Lava, Mine, Hedgemaze etc.
* Randomized dungeon interiors (traps, secret doors, special rooms)
* 400+ items that you can also create yourself by crafting
* 350+ weapons that you can also craft!
* 350+ armor parts that you can also craft!
* 14 weapon types with varying strategies, advantages and drawbacks!
* 5 main character classes with unique skilltrees!
* 100+ Monsters in many variations and (partly) randomized levels!
* Counterbalance the random encounter rate by decimating monsters on the current floor
* more features to be announced during the development process!

Realm of Legends - Summary

You start in the Hall of Champions as etheral spirit, nothing more than a flame shaped cursor. Choose a party of up to four heroes from the frozen adventurers scattered across the floor. You can choose from 5 main character classes, all with different skill trees, statistics and equipment restrictions. When your party is ready, you leave the halls and enter the actual game.

Once you start, your party is teleported into a randomly generated dungeon level, with a random visual representation, a random assortment of enemies, traps, hazards and the like. Your heroes start naked and bare-handed, you have to gather, conquer and craft every single piece of equipment that will aid you on your quest.

As this game has no real story, the story of your survival makes you carry on. GrindQuest is hard, very hard indeed - but its the complexity of things you have to take care of - instead of invincible enemies or instant-death traps. You might be biting your nails, you might pull your hair - but the engine will always be fair.

GrindQuest is not about completing a story arc. Its about survival. Just see how deep you can venture into the dungeon.

Latest Blog

A open-world, roguelike game

Another text-only update today: If you followed my last entries you already know that im into "roguelike" game concepts. The title of todays blog entry goes even a step further: It describes the "real thing" Im going after: A open-world roguelike game. People keep telling me that it's not possible with VXA, and still I try!

A open-world, roguelike game - what a powerful term. Now, what does this mean for development strongpoints? Here is a quick breakdown what "Realm of Legends" will be - and what not:

  • CON: Graphics. I'll keep this project RTP only with some tiny little additions.

  • CON: Media & Menus. Again: Not important to me, neither is music or fancy effects.

  • CON: Storyline. There won't be a story. Maybe some lore to the background world, thats all.

  • PRO: Open-world. You start in or near one of the smaller Villages and thats it. You are free to go anywhere and do anything. There are no barriers or borders except your level & skill.

  • PRO: Random. All dungeons, may they be overworld or underground - will be randomized and deep. This encourages exploration and replayability. I plan some dungeons to be like 50 floors deep, this is only possible thanks to the random generation algorithm Im using.

  • PRO: Items. There will be tons of items, literally tons of them. Not just weapons and armor but also ingredients, tools, materials, potions, food - everythings.

  • PRO: Crafting. Besides buying you will be able to craft almost every item in the game by yourself.

  • PRO: Survival. Your characters will need to eat, drink and rest. You will suffer from starvation if you don't. Combat will also exhaust your stamina.

  • PRO: Party Sculpting. You start with 1 character and can hire more. You can also dismiss them again. You meet more classes throughout the game and can exchange members until you find your ideal group.

  • PRO: Skills. Besides crafting there will be lots of skills, both for combat and peaceful skills as well. This includes haggling, fishing, gathering and many more.

  • PRO: Scalability. Finally, all dungeons will scale with your parties level. This means: no matter when you visit a dungeon, there will always be a challenge. No "newbie only" dungeon. Visit the old tower at lvl 1? No problem. Visit the ogre cave at lvl 32? OK. Vice-versa? Do as you wish!

Okay, thats all for today. Realm of Legends is a very ambitious project, but im doing without some very time-consuming features other games focus on. All in all this is a learning experience to me and: there is no deadline, I dont think this game will be finished anytime soon.

It might not be the game for everybody, but if you ask me - it's gonna be a damn cool concept!



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Live we shall, through moments both fleeting and eternal.

So there's no ending to the game? You just keep playing forever? How about towns and buying stuff? Or bosses? Do you use some sort of system to determine what sort of enemies are in each level based on the character's level (or the number of dungeons they have completed.)

I think a better idea would have been to create 100-200 levels yourself. Then have a system where it randomly selects one of the levels from your database and fills it with the appropriate monsters.
Hi kory,
Thanks for your comment and sorry for the delay. As I am still knee-deep into development I have not updated the page in ages. To answer your questions:

1. Yes, its endless. Well you can level from 1 to 99 and continue to play afterwards.

2. Towns are also random, as are bosses. And yes, Im using a formula that will let you encounter a boss or town (as well as npcs, treasures, traps, side-quests and lots of other stuff) all handled by a formula.

3. (I will start blogging about this soon). Im using HIME Enemy Levels and Enemy Classes. Therefore the monsters will scale according to your party. And there will be the same classes as in your party. So you will encounter Warrior-type Monsters, Wizard-type monsters, Rogue-type monsters and so on.

4. The very first version of this game (started using 2k3) used a system where pre-generated levels are combined in a random fashion. By switching to VX ACE I was able to modify Saba Kan's Random dungeon generator script in order to proceduraly generate dungeons on the fly. Even towns and overworlds will be randomized, although they look a lot like dungeon.s

Finally: Im thinking about combining random dungeons with pre-generated content to get the best possible result. Im still working on this (currently other parts of the project have priority like the classes and skill system).
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