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The Mushroom Robbers is a big episode that took me over six months to finish. It has seven worlds and each world has around seven well designed levels in it. Every world has a fortress with a Koopaling boss in it and a castle with a unique custom boss.

It is notable that this episode introduced the SMB3 Koopalings to SMBX.

Plot, worlds and bosses

Mario has just rescued princess Peach and returned peace in Mushroom Kingdom. The princess is so grateful that she gives Mario the key to the mushroom stock. Mario finds the door to the mushroom stock but it appears that the mushrooms are not there! Mario goes out of the castle and finds Bowser's airship with King of the Koopas himself and the Koopalings. The Koopalings have stolen the kings' wands again and they also stole the mushrooms. The Koopas fly off to the Valley of Bowser.

Mario has to beat the Koopalings and Bowser and return the wands to the kings and the mushrooms to Mushroom Kingdom.

World 1: Mushroom Kingdom (Giant Boom Boom, Larry Koopa)
World 2: Desert Mountains (Robirdo, Morton Koopa Jr.)
World 3: Icy Water Land (Porcu-Puffer, Wendy O. Koopa)
World 4: Tropical Volcano Forest (Giant Piranhacus Giganticus, Lemmy Koopa)
World 5: On the Volcano (Big Boo, Iggy Koopa)
World 6: The Volcano (Blargg, Roy Koopa)
World 7: Bowser's Valley (Mini Kraid, Ludwig von Koopa, Bowser Koopa)
Warp Zone

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Personally I find it a bit too hard, but I'm not that die hard mario player anymore ;)
What I just don't like at all are the world maps, they're too big in my opinion, too clustered.
Otherwise it's fine, well-made levels with much detail.
Impressive map design.
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