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This is a game for those who love to explore, experiment, and discover. Welcome.


You have seen and done things that were
never supposed to be, and I have come
here to offer you a choice.

You can try and go back to your lives as
they were, fighting the Knights and
relieving people of their possessions...

...or you can help me.

Help me make sure that what happened to
you doesn't happen to anyone else ever

Arrym is a Wraith, one of an elite band of thieves notorious for taking on big jobs. He has all the talent in the world, but what little motivation he once had has all but dried up.

Branak has the opposite problem. He is a Wisp, a newly inducted member of the guild, with seemingly misplaced dreams of greatness. He is determined to prove himself in the eyes of his superiors and take his place among the Wraiths.

They are partners.

In the midst of completing a job and evading their sworn enemies, the Knights of the Thorn, they are presented with a bigger job. Much bigger...and far more noble than they would typically agree to.

Grant me the resolve to return to the treasures
I cannot yet obtain, the ingenuity to obtain those I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.

- Wraith Prayer

What players have said...

"The gameplay mostly revolves around solving puzzles in dungeons, and that is easily the strongest feature of this game. The puzzles are top-notch and probably one of the best I have ever seen." - Dyluck

"It's almost criminal that a game this interesting has gotten so little attention or comments." - synbi

"I thought it was a brilliant game and I enjoyed it immensely." - J Shea

"I am loving your game. I also played Manifest & I love your puzzles, I have even managed to solve 1 or 2! Fantastic game, it should get more recognition."
- mal

"Just wanted to say, I love the choice of music in this game. XD Brought back some good memories. Thanks for making this game. It's a fun play. :3"
- Knightowl

"The game is really good could not stop playing...... Really good game."
- RAJ(Aman)

"Started playing and so far enjoying finding out how to play :)" - Linkis

Battle System:

Almost everything on-map in Canvas is evented, including the battle system. Use an assortment of pixel-based attacks and abilities to dispatch your enemies in a variety of ways. You can anger them with arrows, stun them with bombs, throw them into each other with gusts of wind, and more! Each on-map enemy was carefully crafted with its own behavior, movement style, and methods of attack to provide the player with challenging and often thought-provoking encounters. Your on-map weapon will change appearance based on the weapon you have equipped.


  • Character swapping- each with their own unique "tool" and advantage/disadvantages when it comes to combat (Weapon range, attack speed, etc.)

  • A variety of shared tools/abilities acquired throughout the game, useful for combat and puzzle solving.

  • Item crafting

  • Area maps

  • Bestiary

  • Glossary

  • Characters grow based on your AP allocation

  • Breaks the 8th wall!

  • A free-jump system that works hand in hand with my...

  • Robust elevation system- Ties in with projectiles, tools, line of sight, jumping, etc.

  • Puzzles aplenty!- You will need to experiment with your tools, and then come up with new and creative ways to use and combine them.

  • Mini-games galore!- As you explore the world of Canvas, you will discover many evented mini-games to add variety to the gameplay. They are all fully-interactive game systems as opposed to pass/fail based on a number or stat systems.
    • Lockpicking (2 versions)
    • Mining
    • Fishing
    • Pickpocketing
    • Blacksmithing
    • Persuasion

*The game is around 15 hours long.

The game is unencrypted, and for those who own Rpg Maker VX Ace, I encourage you to poke around and explore.

Canvas on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CanvasTheGame/

You might also like my first game, Manifest, which can be found here:

Latest Blog

Canvas on Facebook

In an attempt to try and gain some traction with Canvas, I've created a Facebook page for it that I hope you will visit, like, and share with anyone who might enjoy playing it. Thank you and happy gaming!



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How many hours of game play will this have?
I don't have a growth mindset...yet.
Sorry, I should add that to the main post. It should last about an hour, give or take. Thanks for the interest.
Perhaps, instead of single-pixel-wide movement, you could reduce the size of the movement "grid". A single space there on the map is 32 pixels square. If you do a search for that number in the scripts, you might try changing that to 16 pixels or 8 pixels where you see it applicable. This would give movement similar to Final Fantasy Adventure.

Good luck.
I don't have a growth mindset...yet.
Thank you for the advice. I'm afraid that would have far-reaching consequences beyond movement.

The "face any direction without moving" script by SirBilly works quite well. Hope you get a chance to try out the game.
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Started playing and so far enjoying finding out how to play :)

I picked up something but can't find it in the Journal.
Does anyone remember what Tarjiri is ??? :(
I don't have a growth mindset...yet.
Hi Linkis, thanks for playing. Tajiri is the game's currency. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
It's almost criminal that a game this interesting has gotten so little attention or comments. That being said, I'm already stuck... in the second room, the one with the 4 switches. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious, but the door won't seem to open even though I seem to have got all the switches pressed.

Blue - moved the rock over it. Red - pushed rock on top of it. Green - just walked over it. Yellow - seems to activate when I stay on it. The puzzle may be more devious than it seems. What am I missing?

There's also a bug in that if you drop a bomb on a switch, it appears behind the switch graphic. Anyway, promising game but my ineptitude is keeping me from progressing further for now :)

I don't have a growth mindset...yet.
Hi synbi,
Thanks for playing! From what you said in the spoiler, it seems you've done the puzzle correctly. It's not supposed to be any more devious than that. If you have all 4 pressed at the same time, I'm not sure why it's not registering. You're the first person who has had that problem. I'm not able to take a look at it right now, but when I get the chance I will.

Edit: If you have a chance, could you try and recreate the situation where all 4 are pressed and the door isn't opening? Knowing the order you pressed them in might help me figure out what happened.
I'm in the cave at the Grimwood forest where there is a boulder and some levers to control it, I have no idea what to do
I don't have a growth mindset...yet.
I'm in the cave at the Grimwood forest where there is a boulder and some levers to control it, I have no idea what to do

It's very exciting to hear from someone playing Canvas! Thank you. I'm actually in the process of writing a walkthrough for the demo, and I'm going to release it with the next updated version of the game. Some help below...

You'll need to light the campfire in the cave, and you won't be able to with a bomb. Experiment with your new flux ability.

If you'd like more explicit help, please let me know. Thanks again for playing.
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
Playing through this game. Loving it so far. I'm not that far in, I'm 24 minutes in, next to waterfalls at the Miradun Caverns, but it's nice and challenging.

Edit: Oh, and I forgot to say, your jumping and elevation system is cool. I messed around with that a couple in one of my games, and I think I might implement one in my current game as well. (Not Account Mu, another project). So well done on implementing that! I get the feeling, like me, you delight in implementing different features into the engine through eventing. ;)

Edit #2:I also thought it'd be nice to include keybinding graphics to each of the images on your HUD, like so:

It'd be nice if you could somehow include the keybindings for switching, as well. This means people can figure out how to switch between powers without having to consort to the text explanation (for those like me who don't like reading instructions ;)).
I don't have a growth mindset...yet.
Ah, the feeling when someone else plays and gives feedback on your game. It never gets any less exciting.

Thank you for the kind words, CashmereCat. You're right, by the way. Eventing systems/puzzles and writing are my absolute favorite parts of making games. Of the systems in Canvas, I'm probably proudest of the elevation one. It's the foundation for all the others.

I've gone back and forth several times on including keybindings as part of the tools HUD. I might try adding them this weekend. I'll post a screenshot if I do.

Thank you again so much for trying out Canvas and providing feedback. Hope you get a chance to explore further.
I am loving your game. I also played Manifest & I love your puzzles, I have even managed to solve 1 or 2! I am stuck at Barriad Pass

No matter where I stand the harpy can't hit the switch for me. It looks like it is just a little short. Have I missed something?

Fantastic game, it should get more recognition.
I don't have a growth mindset...yet.
Hi mal,
Thanks for playing Canvas and the kind words.

I think you have a glitched version of the demo, where the harpy isn't able to hit that switch. I put a fixed version of that map file in my locker. You can go there and download it. It will go in the data folder, replacing your old one. Please let me know if it works.

Thanks again for taking the time to post!
Thanks for your help. I downloaded the map & it works fine. Will you be making any more games, I think your puzzles are brilliant. Good luck for the future.
i have a bug too with the harpys.
I don't have a growth mindset...yet.
Hi norman,
Thanks for playing Canvas. When I upload the full game this summer it will have that map fixed. In the meantime, you can go to my locker and download the map144.rvdata2 file. Put it in the data folder and replace the old one. Good luck and have fun! Thanks again.


It's a section of one's profile. Here is a link!
I think i'm stuck in this spot. I can only go throguh the right exit because the left one is unreachable and the middle one is locked. I can't seem to press 2 of the red switches in the next room because there is only 1 rock. In the right exit, there is a "There is something in the water..." message in the ripple, but i can't seem to reach it.

Did i miss something?

EDIT: nvm, i forgot that there's a walkthrough in the game files.
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