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~~~~~ NEWS ~~~~~

September 6th, 2020:
Version 2.091
-changed positions of Dragons in final dungeon to spread them out and no longer required to manually skip the Dragons to continue on
-minor mapping and animation changes, and audio adjustments

~~~~~ SUMMARY ~~~~~

Legends Of Illarion 2 is the long awaited prequel to the 2009 RM2K3 game Legends Of Illarion. The prequel takes place in ancient Illarion at the dawn of time, many centuries before the events of the first game. I consider it mostly to be an old school type of JRPG reminiscent of FF4, Lufia 2, etc.

You don't need to play LOI before playing LOI2. You can play either game before the other and there won't be too much spoilers involved. The first LOI contains a larger more diverse world with more interrelated story elements and characters, while LOI2 is a little easier, smaller, and more straight forward than the first game.

~~~~~ STORY ~~~~~

"We are but mortals who cannot fathom the true nature of the gods. Whether they are kind and benevolent, or vengeful and angry, I cannot say. The only thing that is certain, is that their power is real, and we must always be wary..."

The world of Illarion is at its infancy, having been created by the gods for only mere centuries. An Entity appears, born from the evil growing in the very hearts of mortals, bringing destruction and chaos to the realms. The gods await worthy heroes to appear and defeat the Entity. However, as time passes by, none step forth to save Illarion.

In desperation, one goddess intervenes in mortal affairs, using deception to cause a group of mortals to begin a journey to defeat the Entity. But do they truly fight to save Illarion, or do they fight to fulfill their own selfish motives? As they squabble amongst themselves and get ever closer to the promised end of their journey, the gods play their cruel hand and begin to reveal their true intentions...

~~~~~ FEATURES ~~~~~

  • modified battle/menu systems based on 3rd party scripts

  • numerous voice clips for character skills!

  • animated busts and battle sprites holding equipped weapons!

  • touch encounter battle system

  • skill points system and many custom battle skills

  • characters with multiple skill sets depending on weapons equipped

  • many interesting puzzles (all of which are skippable)

  • simple gathering/crafting system (blacksmithing, potion making, etc)

  • streamlined damage numbers in battle (no need for reading text!)

  • approximately 15 hours of gameplay

~~~~~ CHARACTERS ~~~~~

Legends Of Illarion 2 features an ensemble cast: http://rpgmaker.net/games/5527/characters1/

~~~~~ CREDITS ~~~~~

Created by Dyluck
Created using RPG Maker VX Ace by Enterbrain

Graphics (Including but not limited to):
-Enterbrain (Various)
-Square Enix (Monster Battlers/Animations)
-Mack and Blue (Tilesets)
-Looseleaf Generator (Characters)
-Celianna (Tilesets)
-Mr Bubble (Animations)
-Toasty (Animations)
-Rinmaru (Faces)
-Princeofredroses (Faces)
-Claudie (Custom Art)
-FPesantez (Backdrop)
-Joke (Custom Art)
-Various other resources from the internet

Audio (Including but not limited to):
-Square Enix
-Game Arts
-Bandai Namco Games
-Pony Canyon Inc.
-Team Entertainment Inc.
-Sony Computer Entertainment
-The Game Designers Studio
-Mobile & Game Studio, Inc
-SunSoft, Inc.
-Monolith Soft
-Shirugumi Inc.
-Intelligent Systems
-Nippon Ichi Software
-NIS America
-SIE Japan Studio
-Nihon Falcom
-Various other resources from the internet

Scripts (Including but not limited to):
-Yanfly Engine Ace and associated scripts
-Mithran Text Cache
-LoneWolf Custom Font Junk Symbol Fix
-Euphoria Itemoff
-Soulpour777 Actor Specific Equipment
-Mr Bubble Crafting System
-Neon Black Passive Skills
-Karin's Soulkeeper Map as Battle Background
-Syvkal Menu Bars
-Modern Algebra ATS
-Various Moghunter scripts
-Various Himeworks scripts
-Zeus81 Fullscreen++

Legends Of Illarion and Legends Of Illarion 2 are non-profit / non-commercial games created for personal use only. I do not own any of the resources (including graphics and audio) used in these games or their trailers unless otherwise specified. All rights and resources belong to their respective owners and no copyright infringement is intended.

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Thanks for 4000+ downloads! Now enjoy some new chibi artwork on the Images section, and some older unreleased art bits and pieces on the Media section, of both this game and the first game!




  • Completed
  • Dyluck
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 09/11/2013 08:58 PM
  • 08/28/2021 05:54 PM
  • 10/01/2017
  • 247292
  • 66
  • 4205


Those are all new to me! I've read those like 20+ times and I still missed them somehow. Thanks!
Latest version downloaded.

A few typos :
  • On the beach, the saved man says "For a seceond there..." (maybe already corrected)
  • In the dwarves' vault, the guy giving the quest says "outiside"
  • In the dwarven tavern, Adron says "togther"
By the way, if you decide to download the newest version, you can just copy your save files over and keep playing! But be sure to save outside Gynko city first, because I made some big map changes to that city.
you can just use the Crafting command straight from the Main Menu.
OMG I can't believe I didn't see that ! My bad...

I've fixed that mapping mistake in the latest update
Ok, I downloaded last saturday. This explains that.

Thanks for your quick answer !
Hi Maximax, thanks for playing! I'm really glad to hear from someone who remembers LoI 1!

About crafting, you can just use the Crafting command straight from the Main Menu. It's different from the first game where you had to use each tool itself.

I've fixed that mapping mistake in the latest update, but thanks! Feel free to leave any other comments or questions =)
Hi !
I love your games so much I was overjoyed to discover you had improved LoI 2 !
I've just entered Sin-City, and so far, I find the game much easier than before. Not necessarily a bad thing, since the beggining was sometimes pretty challenging.

What you added to the plot and the backgrounds of the characters is really consistent and must help a new player to understand their personnality (I've played LoI 1 many times, so I'm not really concerned.)

I wanted to report some bugs :
First, and quite annoying, I cannot use the craft system : the tools cannot be used. Maybe I'll be able to use them when a particular dwarf joins my team, but it seems odd...

Then there's a mapping matter on the roof of the inn in Gynko.

I'll post you other screens if I encounter other problems.

Thank you so much for your work !
Thanks for the feedback! I will look into adjusting the difficulty some more, and I will allow more stat debuffs to work on bosses in future releases.

For the Chimera boss, I can suggest the following:
-Moshran can either lower enemy agility with Axe, or use Sword so that he can drain HP to recover every turn
-Redistribute SP points on CON+ and AGI+ to boost defense and speed
-Boss is weak against Wind (can also switch to Books for more damage)
-Equip Valiance Band on your best defender to tank for others with low HP
-Equip Absorption Band on Elara for maximum HP recovery effect
-If Adron is level 17+, he has a skill that boosts everyone's defense, and his speed stat should be high enough
-Healing items used by Adron heal double HP, in case that wasn't clear
Ok, I played it. Got as far as the volcano in the desert. It's too hard... Boss does 500-600 damage in a regular attack and cannot be affected by redhair's attack down skill. I mean why would you give me that skill and then have enemies be immune to it... makes it as useless as status spells in final fantasy. He resists magic too. I cant even get him down to 50%. The group heal spell is useless because the boss outspeeds you, and revives are useless because they have 1 hp and will get just die again. Adding the latest armor didnt seems to affect the boss's damage output at all. Everything else was standard.

I'm not the best RPG player ever, but im not gonna grind for 1-2 hours which wouldn't be very useful anyway when +10 armor bonus didnt even lower the 500-600 damage in 1 regular hit, even potions on every turn wouldnt help.

It looks like difficulty is a consistent problem in your reviews, I recommend you consider changing it, or get testers.
Thanks, and there's a brief walkthrough on the first game's gamepage now too, if in case you need it.
Thanks for playing, AntarcticTiger! Yes, this one is probably half as short, since I don't have as much time to make a longer game unfortunately. I remember you giving me a lot of support and feedback on the first game too. So thanks again, and hope you'll enjoy the first game this time around too!

Graphic downgrades aside, I'm sure I will. I remember the game having a lot of heart!
Thanks for playing, AntarcticTiger! Yes, this one is probably half as short, since I don't have as much time to make a longer game unfortunately. I remember you giving me a lot of support and feedback on the first game too. So thanks again, and hope you'll enjoy the first game this time around too!
Finished the game! Congrats on finishing this Dyluck!

It feels much shorter...? It's a bit hard to remember, I finished the first game back in 2009. Much more prettier though.

Thankfully there doesn't seem to be a super powered secret boss this time. I'm gonna go back and replay the first one to refresh my memory.
Yup it's intentional, because each character has a different overall number of skills to learn during their lifetime.
I'm not sure if this is intentional or a bug or what, but should different characters have different amounts of SP at the same level? Sirani and Nargun just joined up, both at level 17, but Nargun has 18 SP and Sirani has 14. Adron also only has 14 at level 17, but he has a skill that can't be unlearned, so I assumed that was the reason for that.
Thanks for playing through the entire game and thanks for you feedback! For the most part, I agree with what you have written, especially about the story and character development. In the end, I was not too satisfied with these 2 aspects myself either, and there were probably too many playable characters and not enough time to develop them all. In retrospect, I should have focused on fewer characters and a character-driven story instead.

As for the individual characters, in general my intention was for each new character to be more useful than the older ones so that the new ones would be used. I'm surprised at some of the characters you consider "weak" though, because Elara and Cherga's area magic deal the most damage to multiple enemies, and Nargun does the most melee damage even if only 2 hits land, plus later enemies are weak to his holy/dark/distance attacks. Btw, Irmorom can tank using the Attention Band dropped by the Behemoth boss. You're right about your combo being good for most bosses, especially near the end and with the dragons.

For the skill system, I understand what you're saying and I'll admit it's not the most elegant system. I don't think one weapon style was always vastly superior to the other one though. There are lots of different skills/character combos/enemies types that was intended to motivate switching weapons at various times, but perhaps the clues weren't clear enough sometimes? I was hoping that players would see it as a multitude of options, but instead I guess I didn't anticipate that all the other options the player didn't choose would appear kind of as useless options instead.

You're right about the crafting progression if you make more than 1 copy of an item. That was a problem I couldn't find a way around. Also, I think the low amount of items in each category made the system seem small and less significant overall.

Anyways, thanks again for all your feedback, and I will definitely take it all into consideration for any future games. Although I'm pretty sure I won't be making any more Illarion related games. Maybe I'll do something new instead =)
Hello there, first of all let me state that I have finished the game and (despite what may be written below) I enjoyed it, and I thank you for giving me 15 hours of free entertainment.

I think that this game's biggest issue is that it's called Legends of Illarion 2, when compared to its precedessor, this game really feels disappointing overall. Had it been called "Myths of Illarion" or something and advertised as a spin-off rather than a second installment of the series, this would have received (that's how it's spelled by the way, not recieved :P) better reviews imho.
Now, don't get me wrong, I still think this is a good game and I also think that it does a few things better than the first Legends of Illarion did (better overall balance, no missables, opportunity to backtrack everywhere, no places where you can be screwed entirely and have to restart completely *cough chapter 4 in first game :P*), but it still has some shortcomings.

The biggest culprit is probably the storyline, that really screams "Final Fantasy 1", it's very linear, devoid of any plot twist or surpring event. The dialogue is very generic as well and most of the playable characters... well... they aren't characters. They are fighters with a bunch of lines, a bit like Darth Maul in Star Wars: Phantom Meance, as cool as they can be, besides the fighting there isn't much else to them. Only Nagrun has a real character development and Moshran/Petron towards the end of the game (for tying up the story with the sequel). Everyone else felt like they just "showed up to get the job done".

About the gameplay, balance is better than the predecessor, but I think that this was achieved with a "two wrongs make a right" approach, let me explain. The overall difficulty of the game is ok, but the problem is that this is achieved with particularly "cheesy" characters that vastly outperform some of their useless peers for long periods of the game:
1) Elara takes the scepter for the most useless character in the game, by far. Her magic attacks (that cost plenty of MP), pretty much do the damage of the meleer's normal attacks, and only a tiny bit more against weak opponent. Her only support ability is largely redudnant as MP restore items are readily available and Adron can really restore a lot of MP when he uses them.
2) Sirani is a goddess (even before she becomes one! :P), put on her a mana band and she will pretty much carry the whole group with her heals for 90% of the game, so much that you can pretty much ignore field healing items as soon as she joins. As if this wasn't enough, she also has Obsession, the best crowd control spell in the game that works on every single normal battle. It doesn't work on bosses, but she shines there as well because of her monopoly of healing and status removal. A must have.
3) Moshran becomes pretty useless later in the game as well, he doesn't have a niche role, his damage dealing moves also hurt him (AND cost MP) and he doesn't really any more damage than other meleers like Imromon or Malachin. Debuffs stop working on bosses after a while as well, making his whole Axe skill-line very erratic and just not worth the risk (if you're fighting a boss that is immune to certain debuffs, Moshran's axe is completely worthless).
4) Imromon is kept useful by what I suspect is a bug: Blockbuster Trade + Lose Liability can apply -HP debuff even on bosses. That's 30% HP removed in 4 turns, but apart from that everything else is redundant and generally useless. His mace line is almost irrilevant right away. You never truly need a single target defensive self buff and there's no real way to make Imromon tank, so...
5) I have never found a use for Nagrun and it's the only character I never used or felt the need to during the whole game, even though I killed all dragons as well. His dispel seems nice, but Imromon and Ronagan can do even better than that (acquiring the buffs for themselves on top of removing). Apart from that he just appears to be a damage dealing character based on randomness and that's it. There are better options than him.
6) Ronagan comes way too late in the game to be a relevant factor and even then, he's only good for a few normal battles with the exploding bombs (to kill them before they nuke the whole party, but there's only one enemy like that in the whole game), he's not needed anywhere else. Shady Deal sounds cheap and overpowered on paper, but then you realize that it's pointless with Sirani around.
7) Zhembra is great. And what's "worse", he makes Sirani even more godlike. Before Zhembra, Sirani has to choose between single target but powerful heals and multi target weaker heals. After Zhembra, with Intertwined Fates, she gets the single target powerful heals to spread to everyone. On top of that he can protect the party well from Ice, Thunder and Darkness area attacks that can cause wipes. Simply awesome.
8) Olghra, another great support character. Decay is almost a requirement for certain boss fights (Earth Entity without it would be a nightmare) and her regeneration + resurrection can be truly useful. She has her own niche that no one else can take.
9) Malachin. eerr.... his -HP debuff does not work on bosses (unlike Imromon's). He's a bit better than Moshran because of the damage shields that, along with Zhembra, can help the party surviving certain boss attacks, but not that great of a character. Mostly used for autoattacking in normal battles..
10) Cherga. Mana Fountain is great on paper for long boss fights, but that's it really. Talk about a one trick pony, for everything else she's like Elara. Actually, without Mana Fountain she would win the scepter of the most useless character in the game.
11) Adron. Really great support character. He's also the best item user of the game and can instantly buff up all stats to the max in one turn for the whole party. Sirani will remove the Intoxication anyway...
In the end the combo for bosses that seems to be the best is Silari, Imromon, Oldra, Adron and Zhembra (there are some variances, but Silari is always there, and the rest are there for 90% of boss fights). For normal battles it was just Silari with Obsession/Heals and everyone else doing normal attacks. It worked like a charm and nothing ever posed a threat.

Now, the skill advancement system. On paper a great idea, in reality this wasn't executed really well. Characters turn out having their own "best weapon style", so you hardly ever switch. For example, when Zhembra joins (and he has no reason to use spears), you may as well stop using bows with Sirani. She just doesn't need them. Moshran stats out with Axe being the better choice (reducing the attack value of first bosses is truly helpful, but this stops working on later bosses), but by the time you reach the tournament, he'll be using the sword until the end of the game. Adron's best move comes from Dagger, again, no need to use rapiers ever again. Imromon = Axe all the way. Olgra = Whip. Malachin = Mace.
The fact that the final weapons are of one type only further exacerbates this issue, especially when it's a weapon that belongs to the worst skill category, like with Sirani or Malachin.
In the end, what I'm trying to say is that half of the character's skillset becomes pointless as the game progresses. In some cases it's also obscenely redundant (like with Sirani).

Finally, the crafting system. It pretty much stops being a factor in the game when you finish the Elven Temple and kill the Earth Entity. It feels a bit "shoehorned" into the game and put in just for the sake of it. I also felt like it was possible to screw up progression entirely if you wanted to do more than one of the weaker items, since the resources are limited. It gives some temporary minor bonus, like getting a weapon a bit sooner that you could buy it, or provide armors for Imromon and Olgra, but you could even not bother opening the screen at all and you'd be fine anyway.

Overall, I'd give this game a 7+/10.
Damn I really wrote a lot. Sorry for the wall of text.
I don't know if you'll be making Legend of Illarion 3, but, if you do, I hope that you'll take in consideration some of the feedback written here. Thanks for reading if you came this far. :P
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
Gotta say, this background is beautiful <3
Just talk to Elara, Adron, and Sirani, and then you will prompted to go check on Irmorom near the throne room.
please help: Elara takes notes, irmoron is "talking to the King" and I -moshran- am alone and dont know what to do to advance with the plot.