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New Version Of Game Available Now

  • Dyluck
  • 03/27/2016 09:31 PM
A new version of the game has been released with the following changes:

Crafting System:
-A new visual crafting menu based on MrBubble's scripts
-More craftable equipment available in early dungeons
-Extra resources available so it's easier to craft higher level items

-Bosses now have new gimmicks and predictable patterns and less HP
-Better AI for enemies overall, with set patterns to reduce random difficulty
-Enemies in early dungeons deal less damage and have less HP
-Reduced number of enemies per dungeon and increased exp gain per enemy

-Much more equipment found in every dungeon
-Cost of equipment has been reduced
-New useful and strategic accessories added to the game
-Some item stats have been re-balanced

-Some character dialogue added/changed to give more insight for main characters
-Minor mapping changes and improvements
-A few skills modified to be more useful
-Additional prompts and hints
-Minor bug fixes
-Overall reduced difficulty level of the game due to all combined changes


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But the key question is: is this version compatible with previous saves?
I can't guarantee it, due to lack of experience on this matter, but in theory I don't see why not. In general I can't think of any save data that would be affected and I didn't change the function of any switches or variables.

However, one issue might be that you may fall behind on crafting levels due to missing new craftable items that are now available earlier in the game.
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