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Version 2.086 Released

  • Dyluck
  • 10/27/2018 08:11 AM
I don't usually make an announcement when I update the game, since I do it quite frequently with minor changes, but this time there's quite a few!

Version 2.086
Oct 26, 2018:

-all character battle sprites now hold a different weapon graphic depending on what they have equipped!
-added some extra sprite poses for cutscenes!
-game launches at double window size by default
-can use F5 to toggle window size and F6 to toggle Fullscreen with normal ratio
-added keyboard info in Settings menu and start of game
-some skills used by characters now have a cooldown of 1 turn
-added some new accessories and new consumable item "Salkamarian Wine"
-added a few new animations and changed the icon of some weapons
-added some extra dialogue, minor mapping changes, and minor enemy behavior changes
-added extra info in Status menu to show Next Level to Unlock New Skills
-updated some audio files and old sound effects
-various minor bug fixes
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