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-Battles are touch encounter only, but you should be fighting every enemy on each new map to keep up on exp and money. In general, you should be able to afford all new equips at a town, with a few equips already found from the previous dungeon.

-However, it shouldn't be necessary to "grind" by re-fighting enemies on previous maps. If you gain 2 to 3 levels in a dungeon, you're already on the right pace. If you still get stuck on a boss, it's usually a matter of changing strategies and not about grinding.

-Use your skills more often, even in regular battles, since MP items are quite plentiful. You should rarely be using the Normal Attack unless the enemy's almost dead.

-Bosses have set patterns and usually have some indication before a big attack. Consider using "Parry" next turn if necessary.

-Use all save slots instead of just the same one over and over. Save often!

-Note that some food healing items are cheaper but field use only. Try to use those before regular fights, and keep the "anytime" healing items for bosses. Chest with Camping Tent means boss is nearby.

-Skills with the description "Level 1" for example, means that it is a prerequisite for learning a similar "Level 2" skill, which will be available when you reach certain levels (level up message will say New Skills Available).


-Adron has item effective bonus for using both healing AND attacking items.

-Attention Band and Covert Band are dropped by mandatory bosses. When you get them, give Attention Band to your best tank so that he takes the most hits from bosses, and Covert Band to your weakest member or healer.

-Carrots and Onions mini-game solution:
Trade away these sets of items, each in a single trade, in this order:
4 onions
3 carrots
1 onion
3 carrots
4 onions
3 carrots
3 carrots again
4 onions

-Hdyra Boss Strategy:
The Hydra will kill you unless you deplete its MP right after it drinks a Mana Potion. You can do this with either Malachin's Minimize Magic sword skill, or Oldra's Decay whip skill.

-With Zhambra's Intertwined Fate, even if 1 of your members loses the Intertwined status, you can still target your spell onto THAT 1 ally, and the other Intertwined members will still receive the benefits.

-With Zhambra's Shared Destiny, you can stack all your good states onto him first, and then share it with everyone. But beware that negative states are shared too! Also, it only shares the states at the time of casting, not any future states put on Zhambra.

-11 Dragons:
You can continue on even if you lose, or you can just use Skip Puzzle in the main room to skip all the dragons, but don't forget to go collect their chests.


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