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Genre: Horror Adventure
Average Game Time: 16~20 minutes

Story / Setting / Purpose:
Leave is a short (Maybe 15 to 20 minutes in length) adventure/horror game made by Astral that I'm translating. The game begins with the protagonist waking up in her bedroom, but it's up to the player to search her house for the backstory. However, as the focus of the game is the scares, don't expect a heavy backstory.
This game's setting is a girl who you don't know and her house with no normal ambience.
The purpose is to find a way out and to get out of the house.
This game has one ending.
Included zip file is just some kind of bonus things.(some original bgm, some images)

Character Bios:
As i mention above, this game's obvious character is only one, the protagonist(a girl).
the rest of in-game characters are the sort of character that i think it is better not to explain.

Scripts : Khas Awesome Light Effects(scripter : Khas Arcthunder)

The other elements of the game are from Default RTP and The game's creator.

Any comment will be appreciated.

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I tried to play it, but I can't push ladder to the library..
I tried over and over and over but it didn't work. Can anybody help me?
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
anyway just leaving a comment to remind my self i played or seen this b4
it was good.
that's all
Beta testers!? No, this game needs a goddamn exorcist!
Like others are saying with a clear story this would be an A+ game. It's got the horror down great with a good combination of creep factor, jump scare and chase. The rampant instadeath is fine due to being able to save almost anywhere, except in places where your fate is sealed.
Insidious, the game. Ok, no jokes. But seriously, It reminded me a lot of this shitty factory of post modern films. The only shock factor is about a deformed face entity that you cannot do more than speculate about its existence in the game.

Good puzzles and a very short story is all the game has for us. At least the story is pretty acceptable. To be honest, I really enjoy those games that make you think to understand the whole plot. Its true, you awake as a girl in nowhere and step by step you construct a very sad story tbh.

Good in general. 7/10
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