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I've stopped production on this game, so it is now, officially cancelled.

You will need the VX RTP to run this game:

To install:

First, make a new folder, and call it Tristian: LoTL.
Put the compressed download into that folder as well as the Audio folder and extract like normal with WinRAR or WinZip.
Install the fonts included if you don't have them yet.

Basic Controls:

Apart from the usual arrow/directional keys:

Alt + Enter - Toggle Full Screen mode
Enter/Spacebar/Z/ - Action key
Esc/X - Main Menu/Cancel an interaction
Shift - Sprint
Left Shift + Z = Pull an object towards you ( like a crate or boulder )

Latest Blog

out the door

13 days before I am supposed to 'celebrate' being on this site for 7 years, i've decided to leave rmn as well. having grown uncomfortable with the circle-jerkers ( aka the devs whose games get the most attention and all their friends ) and the few rotten apples here, it's simply become an unhealthy place for me to hang around.

while i won't be posting here anymore, i'd like to stay in contact with some of the members here by ways of building an e-mail list ( yes, it's a little different from the usual chatrooms like discord/skype, but i see them as massive timesinks. i never get anything done ) informing subscribers about my future projects. so... if you're interested, drop me a pm and we'll see where the road takes us. the simple gesture would mean a lot to me, because it shows that some of you still care. who knows? maybe you'll get a surprise or two.


maybe some of you hate me for broken promises i couldn't keep, maybe some of you lost your respect for me because I couldn't keep doing what I loved to do. or maybe some people just hated on Enelysion because it became popular...

who knows? it doesn't matter anyway.
i'm going to keep on being a creative workaholic.

So long, and keep gaming
i was always too serious for this place, anyway

Luchi 'I did not spend 10,000 hours on RPGMaker to be mediocre' Chan


You're magical to me.
Fantastic! :DDDDDDD

I will be sooooo looking forward to it ^_^
Added the Character Biographies section. =)
Pushed the release date of the full game to September 2016 to mark the game's 3rd anniversary. I highly doubt I'll have LoTL ready by late March next year. I may or may not finish earlier, but we'll see how it goes.


Hey Luchino, it seems like the only ones who are downloading the latest demo are just all of your subscribers, it looks like.


(I suggest more Tristian / Lanna scenes, perhaps, might do the trick.)
i need to download it and play it but i barely have energy to breathe
I say that whenever I have to convince myself to play Final Fantasy VIII again.

(I’m sorry FFVIII fans.)
at least i'm not playing clicker heroes anymore

damn you craze

Hey Luchino, it seems like the only ones who are downloading the latest demo are just all of your subscribers, it looks like.


(I suggest more Tristian / Lanna scenes, perhaps, might do the trick.)

Bear in mind that those are the number of subscribers since September 2013 XD. And even though I love TriAnna, I don't want them to be the 'selling point' of the game. People should be drawn to it because it's you know, just a good game. At least, that is what I am hoping for.

( Eyes VXAce. Screams to self, No, Luchi no!!! )
( Eyes VXAce. Screams to self, No, Luchi no!!! )

dON'T DO IT you already have so much game done. OTL Leave it for your next game! >__>;
Yes, that's I mentally telling myself to avoid it at all costs. Its a sure fire way to destroy motivation and to delay the game's final release date. ><

Then again, I only have one hour of gameplay done and well, you know.

No. Not doing it. There's enouh Ace games as is.
I want to download, but my left key doesn't work. I doubt I could play the demo by going right the whole time. :P
Don't worry about it. =) I might upload a longer demo ( 2-3 hours ) in the future that will introduce you guys to the rest of the cast, more game-play features, plox progress etc. And more TriAnna, of course, though I might hint at other relationships in the mix too.

Since it will be a while before the full game comes out and I will need to keep the interest level high enough. ^^
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Status change? I smell a contest game.
^ Exactly that. But production will resume as soon as the Jam ends.
Well, at least this time I don’t have anything to worry about.

Good luck in the contest, though. You’re extremely fortunate enough to work alongside some great talented people there in that lineup. That’s almost like a freakin’ dream team, with you, unity, Red_Nova and JosephSeraph working together. If you guys can’t hit a home run with that lineup then no one can!

(Forgive me, I’ve been watching a lot of baseball lately, lol.)
It will be back by mid-September. May do a two-year anniversary blog or something.
Wow This is like the best game in the world
I'm shipping Tristian and Ianna. Don't anybody stop me.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
No one will stop you, the Trianna boat has been sailing for a while. It's destined to run aground, but it will be a wonderful voyage while it lasts.

It's the RMN Minnow (and yes you are old, or know how to google if you get the reference).