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I've stopped production on this game, so it is now, officially cancelled.

You will need the VX RTP to run this game:

To install:

First, make a new folder, and call it Tristian: LoTL.
Put the compressed download into that folder as well as the Audio folder and extract like normal with WinRAR or WinZip.
Install the fonts included if you don't have them yet.

Basic Controls:

Apart from the usual arrow/directional keys:

Alt + Enter - Toggle Full Screen mode
Enter/Spacebar/Z/ - Action key
Esc/X - Main Menu/Cancel an interaction
Shift - Sprint
Left Shift + Z = Pull an object towards you ( like a crate or boulder )

Latest Blog

out the door

13 days before I am supposed to 'celebrate' being on this site for 7 years, i've decided to leave rmn as well. having grown uncomfortable with the circle-jerkers ( aka the devs whose games get the most attention and all their friends ) and the few rotten apples here, it's simply become an unhealthy place for me to hang around.

while i won't be posting here anymore, i'd like to stay in contact with some of the members here by ways of building an e-mail list ( yes, it's a little different from the usual chatrooms like discord/skype, but i see them as massive timesinks. i never get anything done ) informing subscribers about my future projects. so... if you're interested, drop me a pm and we'll see where the road takes us. the simple gesture would mean a lot to me, because it shows that some of you still care. who knows? maybe you'll get a surprise or two.


maybe some of you hate me for broken promises i couldn't keep, maybe some of you lost your respect for me because I couldn't keep doing what I loved to do. or maybe some people just hated on Enelysion because it became popular...

who knows? it doesn't matter anyway.
i'm going to keep on being a creative workaholic.

So long, and keep gaming
i was always too serious for this place, anyway

Luchi 'I did not spend 10,000 hours on RPGMaker to be mediocre' Chan


Judging by the way the scenarios are playing out, Tristian will span roughly 3 years ( so Tristian will be around 25-26 years of age by the time the game ends ) and cover 7-8 very long chapters, for a total playtime of about 20-25 hours if I don't factor in sidequests like optional dungeons for new loot.

So yes. It really is turning out to be my most ambitious game yet. And loving every minute of it. =) Also, whoever my 201st subber was, I owe you a map. Or a sprite. Or something. XD
Happy Saint Patrick's Day
Hug a Patrick if you see one.

You're magical to me.
I was thinking of the little guy yesterday, come to think of it. :D And now I need to draw a TriAnna version of that pic...

And do a blog update. ><
So spears can't hit the back row? I guess I was thinking they were standing like directly behind the front row, heh.

Ideas for skills/passives (have no idea what Lance or Trebant fight with):
-Residual Energy: Dante Passive. Chance of regenerating some MP after casting a spell by gathering the particles of mana from the area.

-Magical Splash (probably needs a better name): Dante Passive. Single-target damage spells will also hit enemies adjacent to the target but for less damage.

-Concentrated: If their attack misses, their next attack will gain increased accuracy. This is for someone who has a cool head that doesn't let a miss agitate them like a brawler swinging their fists randomly in frustration. Then again, if they're so focused, why don't they have the accuracy boost all the time? Derp.

-Strong Immunity: Decreases the chance of being inflicted with a status and allows you to recover naturally overtime from them sooner. Unfortunately, this also decreases the effectiveness of healing potions despite them being beneficial substances.

-Endure: Once per battle, survive an attack that would have been lethal with 1 HP.

-Mana Shield: Dante Skill. While active, your MP is damaged instead of your HP.

-Blood Magic: Dante Skill. While active, your spells cost HP instead of MP.

-Bleeding Slash/Stab: Can cause target to Bleed. Bleeding enemies take damage each turn until the status ends. Armored enemies are are heavily resistant to bleeding.

-Shield Bash: Requires a shield equipped. The impact may stun the target. User gains some temporary defense for the turn like a lesser Guard.

Quick Shot: Bow passive. Occasionally, you will move fast enough to fire an arrow at the enemy before they can react and block it. Deals increased damage and accuracy.

Poison Coating: Darcy Passive. Normal attacks and physical skills have a chance to Poison your target.

Stealth: Darcy Skill. Decreases chance of being targeted for attacks when used and also increases evasion. Your next physical attack becomes a guaranteed critical but, regardless of whether it hits, you lose your Stealth status. Also wears off if you get hit by an attack.

Taunt: Skill. User attracts the attention of the target. The foe will deal increased damage but their accuracy and defense is lowered.

Protective Instinct: Tristian Passive. If Ianna would have taken a lethal hit, Tristian takes the blow instead (with the damage being modified by her stats/resists). Fails if Tristian is KO-ed or otherwise immobilized at the time, though it'd be amusing if she can protect Ianna in her sleep...

Thrill-Seeker: Passive. Greatly increased damage, agility, and evasion when at less than 33% HP.

Fast Metabolism: Passive. Increases the effectiveness of consumables on you. This affects healing items you use on yourself or that others use on you. More versatile than Ianna's Double Healing but not as strong.

Dual-Wielding: Striker's Passive. Allows a second weapon to be equipped in the off-hand/shield slot. Normal attacks and weapon skills hit twice. Cannot use items ('cause hands are full) but others can still use items on them?

Ferocious Strike: Melee Skill. An inaccurate but powerful attack that may intimidate your target though I think it may have something to do with the growling.

Soul Slash: Melee Skill. Costs a lot of MP to use but it ignores defense. Use it wisely (like after buffing yourselr/debuffing the enemy)!

Boss ideas:
-A boss that copies any attack you use hit it with but stronger. So if you blast it with a fire spell, you better have some fire resist for the return fire! And you better not use any all-hitting spells or your whole time will get blasted as well!

-A boss whose attack will increase your Heal resistance. Heal is at -100% so you heal from the positive "damage" of healing items/spells. If you take too long, the amount you heal will gradually diminish until you actually take damage from it!

-A boss that can inflict berserk on a character, making you unable to control them and also forcing them to normal attack. Which is not a good thing when the boss has a counterattack stance lying in wait!
I really love those ideas, it's just the implementation could be a bit tricky for some of those passive abilities. =) Maybe javelins/throwing spears will be able to hit the back row of enemies. Makes perfect sense.
Shit. I was really about to download this game and review it after thinking about it. I'll wait ten days.
I highly doubt I'll have a playable demo ready by the end of this month. I underestimated how long it would take to test a lengthy demo, and my testers tend to take their time, so I won't rush them.
Back on Hiatus again, eh? Well…I guess that’s better than it being “Cancelled”. :P

Well, whatever’s going on behind the scenes, hopefully it’s not too bad and you’ll get to come back to this as soon as possible to work on it again. It would definitely suck if this was the final nail in the Tristian coffin because of real life issues or whatever.

(Unless it was to work on a certain Siglud and Cillian side-project that a certain Addit wants! :D )
No, it's not RL-related. I'm just in a funny place right now and stuck in game-dev hell. Sometimes I think I've bitten off more than I can chew at times, but I somehow manage, day by day, marking every hour of gameplay done as an achievement. So it motivates me a bit.

The demo will just have to wait unfortunately, but we are still testing it behind the scenes. It's just that making progress on the rest of the game has sort of ground to a halt ( whether it is due to being overwhelmed with the scope of the project, procrastination etc. is another thing entirely ). But if anyone wants to be a tester, feel free to drop me a PM. Since the demo won't be coming out by the end of April as I predicted.

But I won't cancel the project. Not only will it make me look like a massive failure, but it will destroy the hours that not only I have put in, but the hours that others have put in as well. And that for me, by far, is the worst thing to do to anyone. To waste their time.

It kind of saddens me that I'm not the same enthusiastic developer I was some 4 or 5 years ago, but I really do want to be that person again. Anyone who has followed Enelysion ( which is still averaging around 250-300 downloads a month ) during its development and is following Tristian now would have noticed a distinct tonal shift in the way I write my blogs. I was magnetic. I don't know if I've got that in me anymore. I'm whimsical ( as nhubi put it ) and some people may find it annoying that I change track so often, but that's just me as a person, and I wouldn't change it.

But that's just me rambling honest truths about myself.

Sorry for putting this game on Hiatus for the 2nd time. But it will be great. This I promise you.
I'm new to the community, so how do I download this game? I don't see the "dowload" option in the top-right corner.

Edit: Forget what I said, I just read your earlier comment. I hope you'll finish the demo soon.
I must apologise for the lack of mi-monthly updates so far, but a combination of illness and real-life has made it difficult to get back into the swing of things. I haven't blogged in so long that I think I've lost my knack for writing good blogs ( indeed, my most recent one was probably one of my worst ).

But I will try to have a demo out by mid-July. If not then, August.
When i open the game it says missing audiofile BGM The crusader.But it continues.Then i try to exit then:missing file audio/SE/ button 9 and closes(yes it was exit so it may be right).If i press play: missing file Audio BGM A forgotten promise but it continues.
EDIT: Then missing file audio BGS Medevial battle sound but continues then:Missing audiofile BGM Invasion 2 but continues.
You need to make a separate folder, then place the Game.exe file and the audio folder in there, then extract Game.exe. It should work then.
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc


I was looking forward to this game. :(