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If you read their bios, you'll probably realise Tristy and Perc are near opposites, from their personalities to their battle style ( if you've played the demo, Tristian is more offense-orientated, whilst her brother fights more defensively ). I want to tie the gameplay-story narrative together, so you will be seeing a lot of knights and little to no magic users ( because Eridanus has exactly one nation where all of their primary mages come from, and they're neutral ).

Also realised that their 2nd names are the same as the first names of a certain royal couple.

It'd be cool if we see flashbacks that show how Tristiane and Ianna first met. I'd like to see them getting through the awkwardness of new friendships and being all nervous and quiet around each other at first. :p
Yes, I was thinking along those lines too. The sixteen-year old Tristian meeting twelve year old Ianna.. yes. I like that idea alot. The only hard part would be editing the portraits for their younger selves.
I could do that for you if you're still using Fire Emblem edits. I have a ton of experience trying to make unique child portraits for Linus. :p
Oh, would you really? I'd really appreciate it, bp! :D I've always been impressed with the edits you did, especially Teign's kid one.
Cool, I've got a bit of free time so I'll get started on it today!

Also, I have a comment on Ianna's age. I think it'd be interesting if she was like, two or three years older. I know you lowered Tristian's age, which I think makes sense and makes her more intriguing, but I think doing the same for Ianna makes her venture more into the standard "princess locked in her dad's castle" trope. This trope is fine of course, but altering it a bit could be cool. I think it'd be a lot more interesting if Ianna was 21 years old (the age most kids are considered as "adults") and was still somewhat innocent and not knowledgeable about the world outside. This would be interesting because her being an actual adult and still inexperienced with how the world outside the walls works would show just how sheltered of a life she's had. Making her 17, well, I think most kids that age don't have a clue at all either way, even if they weren't locked in a castle. Also, making her closer to Tristy's age puts them more at en even footing and would in turn showcase the differences their characters have. Two women of similar age, who come from the same society, but are completely different in their outlook of the world due to how they were raised.

That's just my opinion though. Ianna being a young teenage princess and Tristy being a bit older still makes for a super cool character dynamic and you can't really go wrong with it either way. :p

RMN sex symbol
Ianna is only 5ft exactly? she's pretty damn short haha. When are the rest of the profiles going to go up, like the one for Ira & that?
Updates the profiles for Ira and Darcy. =) Darcy's actually the shortest character, at only 4ft 10in lol.
Updated this page again, with simpler bios. I realise it will be better for the player to discover these characters for themselves, rather than writing detailed character backstories and what-not for all of them. All of that will be revealed over time in the actual game.
Just noticed that the word "repercussions" is misspelt in Ianna's bio.
Rats. I'll fix that. Btw, I was wondering where you disappeared off to. =)
Just busy times at my academy. I ought to be back to my previous level of activity by July. )
I should have new demo out by then as well. Maybe even by the end of this month, if I'm lucky. =)
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