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The continent of Eridanus, consisting of the Kingdom of Liguria and its respective Duchies.


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World Map based off the new scenario Dyhalto wrote for the game. The continent of Tairngire is to the east of Eridanus.
Well, it's always good to have world map, for obvious reasons. However, I need to point out several things, if you don't mind.

Firstly, "Royal Sovereignty of Liguria" is misspelt. Also, are all of the real-world names intended? I get the Italian ones, but what about Kunduz Valley? Is it actually named after the city in Afghanistan where the most recent US war crime took place?

Lastly, I just realised that "Sylvan Sea" essentially means "Sea of Forests", if translated from Latin. Was this always the plan?
Yes, the Italian naming is deliberate. Unless most players are well-versed with world geography, I doubt they'd get it. As for that Kunduz Valley naming, its just an unfortunate coincidence ( I recall reading an article about that bombing, so maybe the name sat in the back of my subconscious ). So I'll probably rename the valley to something more appropriate.

As for that Sylvan Sea, I was thinking of the Saragosso Sea, which actually looks like a floating forest with all that floating greenery.

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