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Episode I nearing testing.

So, at just under 3 hours long, Episode One of Tristian is nearing the testing phase. Having started the project back in July last year, it's gone from a TBS to a visual novel to epic-length ( eventually ) RPG.

Episode I is a completely different experience from the old demo that some of you
may have played. I have taken great care to absorb the player from the moment they see the intro scene, right up until the last moment. I've made new sprites to convey different emotions ( the devil is in the details, after all ), added SFX that really mimic the sound of war and of course, revamped virtually every map ( except for interiors )in the game. And of course, the game's pacing never slows down. There are no 'filler' moments.

New Screens: :D

Btw, Lance ( who was mentioned in the last blog post ) will only become playable in Episode II. So Episode One really only has 3 playable characters.


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Linearity in exchange of story immersion... Yeah, the decision that made FFXIII such a flop in eyes of fans. Correct me right away if your opinion differ here. Making the game too linear isn't a cheap price to pay, you know? I'd prefer my freedom to goof off still intact, at least, backtracking.

It it's for top notch experience of reading playing, we'll wait for it :)
Cool. Can’t wait to see how all those changes play out!

(Also, your screenies and undeniable work ethic is putting all of us to shame; stop that!)
Lol, sorry Addit. Guess I'm just crazily passionate about the game. XD
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