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Chasing the Grail

So, most of you were probably wondering why Tristy went on a 'brief' Hiatus for about a week or so. Truth was, I felt a mite pressured with the scope of the whole project. Because Tristian is my second 'long' RPGMaker game, it needs to eclipse Enelysion in every possible way by way of visuals, story, audio and gameplay, but it is very hard to succeed in what I call the 'holy grail' of RPG development: That of fusing the audio/visual aspect of a game that is backed by strong gameplay and driven by a compelling narrative.

Ultimately, I want Tristian to succeed at this, but as an artist, I constantly find that I am never truly satisfied with my work ( it could be one of the reasons I went through developement hell for Enelysion, combined with the fact that I just wanted to complete the darn thing and left festering in a community where I got little to no feedback for the game's later builds ) and that in itself only hinders game development in the long run.

So taking that brief break just allowed me to get away from it all but as usual, the maker sucked me right back into its vortex.

Both of us will fight our demons together, Tristy. My gam-mak dev demons and your personal ones.

And I started work on the various art aspects of the game. Putting yet more pressure on myself is that I want to present Tristian as a commercial/AAA-title would, even though the game will remain 100% freeware. One of the reasons I have zero interest in going commercial is the ridiculous amount of marketing and branding a developer needs to do. I have absolutely no desire to spend 80-90% of my time on a skill I have little to nothing of, when I can use it for more creative gains. Like finishing games.

But I will call my make-believe studio LuchiSoft. XD

We all want nice things too...

A bamf and a cutie. Always a potent combination.

Gameplay-wise, I'm nixing skills gained via levelling. I'm not too sure how many skills to give the player, but the passive abilities should be a nice touch too ( Ianna no longer starts off with Pharmacology; I thought it was a mite broken, so has to learn it through a passive now. Tristian too, can now counter-attack once you get her the Parry passive ability ). I also need to strike a balance between the amount of JP gained and the number of game encounters. Of course, the player can spawn encounters by moving one screen away, so I should put a limit on how much max JP can be earned.

Nothing new. I did the exact same thing four years ago with Enelysion's earlier builds, circa March 2011. Laine's early design clearly went over to Tristy too.

Circa May 2015. My, my. I really have come a long way... Low numbers rule too.

Demo screens ( if only to excite you guys a bit ):

Stone Palace ( formerly Connaught Palace )

Cutscene. More TriAnna is always good, right?

Placeholder art. Can you guess what he is saying?


Also, I was supposed to release a demo some time this month and possibly get an updated review score ( the game's current rating dates back to December 2013 ). And don't be angry with me but... said demo will take place right in the beginning of the game again. ><


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Aaaah, everything is looking great~ I'm glad your break helped! <3
I'll try to get out a demo by the end of the month if RL doesn't drain me too much ( even though I took a break, there is no real break from the daily grind at work ). I was thinking of going the whole 'show, don't tell' route to set the tone and mood of the game, rather than showing a wall of text.

Like making an escape scene where Tristian would also encounter one of the game's major antagonists whilst forced to abandon her men to get Ianna to safety... I think it would play better on player emotions as well. After all, Tristy is meant to be a heroine that is forced to make some very difficult decisions over the course of the game. Yes, she's a tremendously powerful warrior on the battlefield ( one scene implies that she cuts down around 300 men alone during a heated fight ), but even at times she feels powerless to undo her past actions and wonders if she will survive long enough to see Ianna restored to the Genoan throne.

So, yeah. I can see some rather intense scenes coming from that little summation, if I can pull it off.
Are you going to take a scene from the main game for the demo, or make a scenario unique to the demo alone? Since this is a plot heavy game, I think the latter would be more fitting so the player gets a taste of the story without giving too much away before they play the full game.
I'm going to craft an entirely new prologue scene playable in both the demo and main game.
You're magical to me.
I think that's a great idea ^_^ No sense making content that won't wind up in the main game, IMO. I can't wait to see it :DDDDDDD
I really, really, really love Clip Studio.

WIP of Tristian's official artwork.
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